The Ring Returns

No im not talking about the horror movie here. lol. Ok lets take a little history back to when i was in high school. Yeah this goes back to around 1993-1994. I was crazy enough to give my ring away to a girl I wasn’t even dating. Just friends and then suddenly we lost contact and my ring was gone. What ring you ask? My high school class ring. Most guys tend to give females their class rings and their letter jackets. I guess some see it as possession. You know so other guys know, “hey thats my girl and ill fuck you up if you try talking to her…….” Yeah like that. Well for me it was nothing like that. I just simply gave the girl my ring and it ended up gone what seemed like forever. The following is a short story about that ring and how I got it back after nearly 20 years.

I was 17 at the time and ready to graduate. I spent most of my time partying and missing lunch. Its an entirely different story but I had gotten into trouble for attacking my mothers now husband. I didn’t even have any intention on doing so but he pushed me so I attacked. Went to court and missed lots of school. I spent my senior year making up work and missing lunch just to make the grades. I didnt really mind though. It was nice to do my work when no one was in class and my teacher saw my effort. Nonetheless I passed and was able to graduate. I was pretty close to failing if I didn’t make up some grades to passing.

Coming into the last few months of my senior year my friend James Brau and I would go into Katy TX to see his girlfriend. He didn’t like driving out that way alone so he usually came to pick me up for the ride. We eventually ended up going to this other girls house too that his girlfriend was friends with. Her name was Gabrielle. I kinda sorta had a crush on her. She was tall and skinny and Brazilian. She could just cuss you out in Portuguese and it sounded cool. lol. Anyways, James and I had gone out to her house because it was her birthday and we was going to meet up with his girlfriend Whitney there. So while we was there it was kinda lame. I mean there was parents and shit. lol. I didn’t really know anybody except for James and Whitney. Gabrielle I had known but her mother was pretty mean and she never talked english much. lol. So the party progressed and there was this girl there that I had been talking to. Nothing major. Just someone nice. Back then I didn’t talk much to girls because I was always concentrating on music. So it was a pleasant welcome to actually have someone somewhat, somehow, whoa, what, are you serious interested in talking to me.

I eventually saw this girl a few more times. A handful i’d say. So as I said earlier, I thought i’d be cool and let her wear my class ring. Not to make dudes be like “oh shit” but just because it made me feel good. I had gone to her house a few times. I don’t really recall what we ever did. Went out to eat and a movie or something. I really don’t remember that far back. Her step-father was pretty cool. He liked Rush and played drums. I thought awesome! So anyways, after some time passed and we graduated we eventually lost contact. I couldn’t even remember her phone number or address because I had moved from Rosenberg to Sugar Land and lost a crap load of papers and such. I went from having my own phone line to not. So after that my ring was now gone. Someone I didn’t know very well had it and I figured i’d never ever ever see it again. Sorry for the slight Taylor Swift song reference there! lol.

My parents had paid I think around $400 or so for the ring. I really can’t remember anymore but it was pretty expensive. Ill post a picture below. I’ve never been a fan of gold. In fact I think the ring is actually white gold 10K. Im not too sure anymore but I dont recall getting it pure gold because it costed more. All I know is that it is stamped 10K on the inside with my name engraved on it. My high school colors were pretty much navy blue, gray and white. The blue was just too dark for me and I saw samples and the blue just didn’t fit well with the white gold ring color so I opted for a stone color change. I got aquamarine I guess it is. Whatever the March birthstone is that’s what I got. A reference to my mother’s birth month. I loved the light blue color of the stone on the white gold. The stone has the number 65 inside in gold. I didn’t play varsity football but since I did spend half my high school years playing football I got a sports themed ring with my number and an engraved football player with my name and the blue and gray colors in a shield. The opposite side just had 1994 engraved as well as a mustang which is my high school. mascot.

So I went all these years never knowing about the ring. On Facebook I found James’ old girlfriend Whitney and we added one another as friends. I never really wanted to bug her about it but one day last year inquired about it. I had asked her if she knew the girl and talked to her still. She said yes. I told her about how she still had my ring and I really had wanted to get it back if I could. She asked her and eventually over some time she found it. Whitney had texted me and told me the girl found it! I was like “WHOA!!!” I mean no way!!! Its been 20 years. Never would I have imagined that I would see it again. I talked with said girl about the ring and of course just catching up. Im not that mean. I didn’t mind adding her as a friend on FB. So recently on a trip back to Texas I was able to drive out to her home and talk for a bit and get the ring back. It felt weird like I was taking something away from her even though it was mine. I can’t really explain how I felt. Felt really good though. It really makes you believe that if you lose something or someone and it/they comes back to you even years later then it was meant to be. I tried on the ring and it still fit. Although it seems so much smaller now to me. lol.

In the end, I am just so happy to have it back. Even though its part of my past from 20 years ago it is still something that i’d like to one day pass onto my own kid if I ever decided to knock someone up lol. I kind of see the ring as a good luck charm. Seems like good things and vibes have been coming my way since I got it back. My health scare, changing over from Katy Perry back to Slipknot…for now that is…..Yes, after the Grammys I got sick and ended up in the hospital. I didn’t make much of a big deal over it because I didn’t feel I needed to. It caused me to give up my spot with KP and now im just really doing nothing besides a little help with ol’ friends. I’ve been taking flying lessons and am very near taking my private pilot test. I am also going up for instrument rating so I can fly with more advanced avionics. Its something I always wanted to do and now im making that dream come true. I’ve been training in a Cirrus SR22. Started in a Cessna 172 but wanted to get into a Cirrus. Anyways, im just happy to have the ring back. Its like a closing chapter of my teenage years. Feels good that I can still fit into the ring. Wearing it right now. I waited many years and never expecting to see it again and it came back to me. Im thankful for that but most of all im thankful for the girl for keeping it and taking such good care of it. That really means a lot to me. With that said, I am going to bed.








The Double Standard

So im sitting here quite pissed for one because the fucking refs gave the Red Wings the win on a goal that was out of play. My main reason for this post and I havent posted lately is the double standard. So im trolling Twitter and reading tweets and notice that Katy’s GQ cover and magazine are all over. It really makes me laugh what many of the girls say about her. Like “im gonna go all lesbian now, or i want her sex or whatever.” lol I mean i understand the attraction but guys dont go around saying, hey look at Leo’s pants wow his cock is huge lol. We dont care!

Now I know girls are a different breed but wow. The funny thing is if I were to go on Twitter and say things dirty about her I would be called a pervert and every other name in the book. So thats why this post. I mean if i were to say damn her tits are fucking huge. Or worse like “i’d shove my cock between those huge tits and cum all over her.” Well yeah thats gonna warrant some strange reaction. Of course im attracted to her. Im a straight guy. But i dont feel the need to publicize my thoughts dirty or not about her.

Honestly I think it comes from being young. Im 38. I was a teenager once. Back then I spoke my mind with every dirty thought I had. lol. Now as an adult I pick and choose what I say. Like some are probably shocked to see that i follow males and females in the adult video business. Well, I am an adult and I know some of them. Makes sense. In fairness to not look like a total weirdo I dont favorite their pictures if NSFW because I think its just better for me. I interact with people of all ages. To me that would be odd.

Still though it makes me wonder. Like some girls say they are lesbians because they like a female. How would they really react in a lesbian relationship?? I have a lesbian friend who I was having coffee with one day and we had a conversation about this and she was kinda pissed because she says its a mockery of her sexuality. Well, im not gay or lesbian so I couldnt tell you. Its her opinion not mine. She’s entitled to it and so are the people who think this way.

In the end, everyone has their own way of looking at fame and celebrities. There’s plenty I like. Katy, Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Emma whatever her last name is from The Help, etc…..But I wont go off in public or any public internet forum and speak my sexual thoughts about them. Thats for me and no one else to know. We all have them. Doesnt make you or me any better than one another. Its part of life. Besides these people aren’t really saying anything bad. I mean to me its funny. Yet there are some though i’ve seen that have said some things that to me cross the line. I’ve seen people post how they want to shove a cucumber up Katy’s ass and fuck her pussy with a huge dildo. OOOOOOK i mean hey whatever floats your boat but thats inappropriate on a public forum and I seriously doubt katy wants to read anything like that about herself. Fans make their fan fic stories. Some are funny. I really dont care to read any. Ive read one. One! lol. But….thats just part of being young I guess. Obviously if they hate me for my thoughts then I guess they are pretty one-sided because as they are allowed to speak their minds so am i. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do but please watch how you say it and present it. As grown ups, there wont be time for all this nickel and dime petty childishness.

Thanks for listening!

Fender Strat

Fender Strat


So its November 2013 and nearly the Christmas holidays. Normally I would post saying how sad I am because im single and alone. Well not this time. Ok so no girlfriend but thats by choice. Life has been pretty fucking good to me over the last few years. Living in Los Angeles. Malibu to be correct. My pack of cats and lonesome dog Satchel lol. One thing that we hear of far too often during the holidays is love and family time. My family is pretty awesome. Most of them are supportive of my career choice and my decision to move to CA and be closer to my job and to my favorite things. Like LA Kings hockey and Dodger baseball lol. Then if you have kept up with me over the past few months you know that my last tour stint was a month with Taylor Swift and a final show in Sao Paulo with Slipknot. I’ve tried to call it a day but depending on the Prismatic Tour in 2014 who knows! Anyways, thats just a brief whats up with me. Lets get to the real point of this post.

Ok, recently I was on Facebook and I saw a friends post. A picture of her and her love. She made it her profile picture. I’ve never been one to hate homosexual romance. I have family that is gay. This post is not to make you agree with me or anything. Its about love. When I saw this picture it reminded me of a few things. It reminded me of how I felt about a special female I once loved. It also reminded me of the girl I knew from our days growing up in school. I’ll just call her “Megan” because I dont need to be saying names here. I remember growing up going to school with Megan. I didn’t know her well. I mean I knew of her and she knew of me but besides small talk in class we didnt know one another any more that that. So as the years went by and we all became adults I decided to sign up for Facebook and I started connecting with old friends from school. Some I didnt ever talk to and now do. Others just became another way to keep in touch. I don’t really recall how we connected but we are and thats pretty cool. In the beginning I never knew much still about Megan. I saw pics of her with two teenage girls and I thought….whoa she’s a mom! Awesome! Later I find out they are not hers but her sister’s daughters. LOL Laughs on me!

So lets get to the pic. Ill post it below this blog so you can see what I mean. I saw this pic and it screams love. Pure unconditional love. Im not saying this just to say it. Really, the picture struck something in me that just makes me kinda cry. For one seeing her so happy with her one and only. Seeing her love smiling back at her. Their eyes locked on each other. I really dont know how one could show more love in a single picture than this. The color of the pic is not rich. Its very mellow. It gives the photo a very cool tone. Both ladies look like teenagers in love for the first time. Who care about ages right? I mean look at the pic and see how vibrant their faces are. Their love un-ending. The light brings out the best part of the photo. Their faces. Honestly this picture gives me hope for my own future. Maybe one day ill have a picture like this with some gal. Here I go tears again lol.

Love has no boundaries. Many say its wrong for men to love men and women to love women. Many say its wrong for them to marry. Why? You can’t change who you love when its real. Even me with my feelings for a lady that I never get to see anymore. I still have feelings for her yet I know I must let her go and move on as she has done. Its just part of life. Why must people judge? I work for Katy Perry and many my colleagues are gay. I’ve never seen one problem with that. They are human beings just like everyone else. Some might have a problem with the picture. I would hope that my friends who read this and others can find the beauty in it. Like I said, love has no boundaries. It makes us do things we never imagined doing. Love makes you happy to wake up everyday and spend every moment you can with that special someone.

For Megan and her love, I am so happy for them. Starting their lives together on an entirely new level. Their love is Unconditional. Sorry I just had to use one of Katy’s new songs for the title and purpose of this post. When you see something beautiful it touches your heart. It makes you happy when you see something that touches you. A concert, animal, painting, person and yes even a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and more. A picture is infinite. For as long as a picture exists so does that memory. One day those two will be older and look upon that picture and remember their youth…..the moment they snapped that photo……yet the love depicted in that photo will never cease. Im a firm believer that once someone has touched your heart you never fully let them go. They are always with you. Maybe you forget about them if they are just part of your life after you have moved on but you always remember them. There is always a little piece of your heart left for those people. For those blessed with having their life long love in their life for as long as they live…your truly wealthy. Money has nothing to do with it. With every passing day new memories are made. Love lives on. Loves stays in your heart. Love as I said is Unconditional….

…… I’d like to thank “Megan” for allowing me to use this photo for the subject of my post. I’m sure many things I wanted to say I didn’t even get on this blog. Tends to happen. I think i got my point across. I wish her and her love nothing but a lifetime of love and memories…..This picture just really stirred up my thoughts on writing something. Their love helps me see life in a new way. I won’t be sad for Christmas this year. I’ll be happy and they just gave me re-assurance that everything will be ok for me. One day my time will come and when im in that special moment thinking of that person…..ill always remember these two ladies helped me get there……..

Thank you!




On the Road Again 2013 Edition

So Tuesday was a long day in the bus. Left Chicago early in the AM and eventually made it into Greensboro late this evening. Because of the venue we can’t park on the premises until tomorrow so we are parked in a lot until then. Mark and I noticed a BBQ restaurant right across from where we are parked. The place smelled awesome. I looked them up online and they specialize in pork bbq. So looks like we are hitting that place up tomorrow. While we was in Chicago we couldn’t book tickets for Medieval Times because their website said not available so that was out of the question. We did end up going to the Willis Tower and to the Skydeck to see the views. You can see about 30 miles from up there. Its awesome. I snapped a few pics and finally was able to step out onto the glass extensions. Kinda felt like I was skydiving for a brief moment because you look down and your basically standing on this thick plate of glass. No worries though they are supposed to withstand tons of weight. After that we made our way north of the tower and headed to the famous Kuma’s. I must say the burgers there are fucking amazing. AMAZING!! I had a Kuma burger which if you have ever been to Red Robin Burgers its kinda the same idea. Got an egg on it. Mark, who is the bus driver, insisted we grab a few for the road. So we each bought two burgers a piece for the road. That ended up being tonights dinner. We just put them in the toaster oven and BAM! Kuma Burgers in Greensboro. 

I guess you could call you pigs. We stopped just east and outside of Knoxville at Outback Steakhouse. We each had the Outback Special with a salad. For me actually an Outback Special with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a house salad with honey mustard dressing. Of course their famous delicious bread. Mark basically had the same but he had green beans and a dry salad. I just cant eat much salad without some kind of dressing lol. So anyways, it was basically a 12 hour day give or take. We went through Asheville where I found out about this sweet little tiny house thats available for rent like a hotel room. Its pretty nice actually. I went to the website and its really nice. I could totally live in something that small. Basically its a kitchen, living room, bathroom, small area for dining and a sleeping loft. In fact I think it had two upstairs sleeping lofts. Really nice though. Its the simplicity of it all! 

After we had our show Portland and Tacoma we headed east with a nice 5 days off and Mark and I decided lets hit up Glacier National Park. Oh man let me tell you, the campgrounds there was fucking amazing. The views….amazing. I mean I could take a tiny house like I mentioned above and just live there by the water with the pine trees and mountains in view. I’ve always loved scenic views and the trips I have taken by motorcycle have been stellar. So it was no question that we would enjoy this stop. After our visit here we had to hit up Fargo North Dakota and then two shows in St Paul Minnesota. Work work!! 

Mark is one cool guy. He is kinda like a father figure. He just entered his 60s. He is this goofy white guy. He has a story though. Not to get into details but basically his son died years ago in work related accident and his wife left him because of it. He had stopped driving tour buses and then later decided to get back in. He has driven for me about 6 times. So it was really cool to have a driver that I already knew. He’s the guy that says, “fuck it brotha lets buy some hookah, grill some steaks and down some beer.” LOL Well, we found some e-hookah cigs at a  Pilot Travel Center so we bought a few. I got a pomegranate one because well I love the taste. I will tell ya, tastes pretty similar to hookah and there was much more vapor than i get from my Blu e-cigs. Im not a big smoker but I do like to puff so for me Blu is just fine. I know others that will religiously say that there are others much better. Im sure there are but hey im fine with what I got. 

So yeah when we stopped at Glacier we had stopped at a grocery store and bought some porterhouse steaks to grill. Where our luggage bay is we have a pullout bbq grill. Yeah the joys of living on a luxury coach! lol Basically we forgot to get spices so when we stopped at a travel center we decided to pick up some spices. Most people will vow that salt and pepper is all you need but Mark and I are the same. We like to add spices to our dead cow. SOOOO we grabbed a bottle of Lawrys All Seasoning and a bottle of McCormick GrillMates Montreal Steak Seasoning. We grilled up them fuckers and damn they were good. I had bought some beer out in CA, Portland and Tacoma. I had earlier bought a bottle of The Reverend Quadruple Ale and that shit is delicious. Loved it! Sadly I only bought one and couldnt find more. Cool thing was I had 4 bottles of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA. One of my favorite IPAs from CA. The pairing of that IPA with the steak and the salad was pretty good. Mark had made this awesome cucumber salad. Was delish. 

Its pretty nice to have a bus to myself. Before Mark and I both have had a trailer to transport two motorcycles for short rides on days off. We didnt have one this time but its nice to have them when we do. I remember when I always wondered what it was like to ride on days off like Neil Peart and when we finally had the chance to do so it was amazing. Hitting up the roads most wouldnt think. Shunpikers as Neil calls him and his riding buddies. Basically its what you call motorcyclists that hit up roads other than the main freeways and highways. Thats where you really see smalltown America. Getting back to the bus though. Its pretty nice to have a quiet place to dwell. The humming of the generators actually is a pleasant sound to me. Im one of those people that needs sound to sleep and just feel safe. yeah yeah im crazy. We have a conversion coach that has a back sleeper where the lounge would normally sleep. I sleep there. Mark had told me the sofa actually pulls out to a bed even though there are a few bunks. He sleeps on the pull out. We have a pretty nice bus. Its new. It was actually used by a famous female singer in the recent past. The interior is black and red. Kind of fitting for Taylor Swifts Red Tour lol. Has pull out extensions and all. It was a nice change though in Chicago to actually stay in a hotel rather than the bus for a change. I think in the music biz no matter how much you feel comfortable in a bus you still want the comforts of having a normal bed to sleep in; a normal shower; basically a normal place to be….normal! If that makes sense to you! 

We spent a few days in St Paul. I have a friend there. Her daughter won tickets to the show but I wasnt sure if she was going with her or if she was taking a friend. I guess the latter. I didn’t see them but then again its not like I was looking for them. She is an adult but you know…I dont really meet up with people unless I know them well. Thats just me! One funny thing I wanted to mention was that I decided to wear my LA Kings jersey in the home of the MN Wild….Oh yeah I got funny stares! Oh well! GO KINGS GO! We won the Stanley Cup in 2012 so yeah its all good! 

So really thats about it lately. Been watching The Trailer Park Boys seasons on Netflix. I love that show. Right now im on season 6. There are 7 complete seasons right now and just recently i found out that they are reprising their roles and will have a season 8 but will be a webcast type of show. Thats cool. I really cant ever get enough of Ricky’s bullshit antics and anger issues…..Bubbles and his never-ending supply of cats and well….Julian who always carries around a glass of rum and looks like my cousins husband. lol. 

Well ill write more soon. im off to bed. 

As Katie Linendoll says:



Holy Crabbypatties Yes Im Alive….lol

So I havent really posted this entire month. I try to post something at least one or twice a month but damn i didnt realize i was almost passing up on June. Anyways, nothing real special to mention anyways. Im alive! lol. Ive been working on some new guitar pieces lately. Irish instrumental guitar mainly. Ive really been into the celtic style of Tony McManus over the last year. Few days ago I figured out his arrangement of Gnossienne No 1 by Erik Satie. Its a really mellow song. Nothing fancy just a soft classical piece. Recently on Facebook I posted a video doing a rough version of Si Dolce El Tormento which translates to how sweet the torment. Its another arrangement by Tony McManus. This piece is from Claudio Monteverdi.

Really thats about it. Besides doing my usual work for Miss Kitty when required. Ive been enjoying the very much cooler weather of Malibu compared to Texas. Of course im here in Texas now because my grandmother has surgery Monday then I go back but shit holy fuck balls man this place is pathetic!! Hot as a mother fucker! Ive never been anywhere where its like 92 but feels like 115. WTF! I hear lots of folks mention how its hotter where they are. Yeah but them fools DONT have 100% humidity with that hot weather! Ugh this place sux! Only a few days though. Well thats it for now. Im gonna go relax and probably grab some Whataburger. damn good shit i tell ya. Well the ketchup!! lol its sacred shit!!!

Ok peace out folks!! One last thing. Miss Meow gets a Star on the Walk of Fame…take that lady Gaga!! lol. she has time to plan her actual ceremony where she will get it….coming soon!!! =)

Katy gets her star!!!

Katy gets her star!!!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music



Guitarists Rejoice!!! Guitar Center Offers Strings for a year for $20

thats no lie folks. Head to your local guitar center now and purchase a strings club card. Here is the link.

Basically you buy the card for $20 and every month for a year they load it with $5 towards a monthly strings purchase. Remember though the amount doesn’t rollover so use the card every month even if you dont need the strings at the moment. That way you can save them and have strings for when you need them. That is unless you buy in bulk. Either way its $5 off every month. I use Dunlop and D’Addario depending on my mood and the Dunlops are about 5 bucks anyways so there ya go. You really just pay that damn tax.

Anyways, check out the link for more info. just spreading the word around to ALL the stringers out there.



Just a Thought

you know its funny how so many kids say they hate school but it seems to take them FOREVER to get off the damn school bus!! lol seriously get the fuck off the bus and shake yo ass home!! that is if you hate school that much! lol. When i was that age when i got off the bus my ass was walking fast or running to get home. Even in the mornings these kids walk slower than a snail to get on the bus. move it man! Us grown folk got shit to do! lol.

So Long Houston Aeros and Thanx!! =)

Nothing is easy about losing your favorite team to another city. Even if it is a minor league those players we had were playing back and forth at pro level. I wont go off and say too much at this point but below is an excerpt I posted on the news media facebook that mentioned their departure….here it is and what I had to say….if you dont care for hockey dont even bother reading this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and below is mine…. I also added a pic of some of my favorite merch from the team even going back to an OLD IHL hockey puck (the one with the white background and Aeros logo)


ok here is my take on this…I used to live in Houston. I live in Los Angeles now…yeah home of the KINGS! Well im always back and forth but anyways….lol ok ive been an Aeros Fan about 15 years. When i would go back home to Houston I would always attend a handful of games in my fav sections 126 or 101. I like sitting where its quiet! The Aeros have a HUGE following in Houston. When I first started going to games by myself where I could actually pay attention and not have to talk to others with me I noticed all the fans. Young kids, even plenty of women. Many would say hockey is a mans sport. Well TONS of women in HOuston love the Aeros. THe Aeros organization, players, dancers, announcers etc always did an exceptional job for each home and away game. Theme nights which brought together Cub Scouts, schools, first responders, military etc…..The Aeros definitely looked to including the community in the sport. What lacked the most for Houston’s Aeros was their coverage with the media. I attended all the home games of the 2011 Calder Cup run. Was at the last game when the Aeros lost a heartbreaker. That night I dont recall hearing one word about the Aeros in the run for the Calder Cup. In fact I dont recall hearing one word about them even being in the playoffs. All you hear in Houston is Houston Texans all day everyday. Yes they are the most popular team but during hockey season no one gives a flip about the Texans. You go to an Aeros game you see Aeros jerseys as well as others like NHL, old Aeros; Gordie Howe…For the entire time the Aeros were part of Houston the news media never cared for them. As I said I live in Los Angeles. Here EVERY team gets news coverage that plays a game that day. Kings, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Angels, Galaxy..etc…. I watch Fox News 11 here and if I miss a game I can count on them to report the score and some highlights. Houston concentrates on football too much at a time when its not even being played. People say Houston isnt a hockeytown. Maybe it isn’t but look at ALL the teams across the world that host a team. How many of those cities are hockeytowns? Shame on people for saying this because if you ever attended an Aeros game you would see the young kids playing a mini-game at 1st intermission and it was so fun to see. Some of those kids showing tons of skill. The Houston Aeros marked their history in the city by winning championships and hardly ever missing the playoffs. The Texans cant even get to the big game. Honestly if this is the way Houston treats hockey they dont deserve another team. But bare in mind its not the people its folks like Les Alexander but you cant blame him fully because the Wild did want to see their affiliate being closer. For my team our AHL affiliate is the Manchester Monarchs in New Hampshire. ACross the country just to get called up to the NHL. So it breaks my heart to see the Aeros leave and to see so many hockey fans upset but the Aeros gave us all wonderful memories we will all cherish and we wish them nothing but the best as they move on. People who say F hockey its really sad to hear you say that when you claim you want to do so many family activities together with your kids when hockey is one of those fun things to have done with them…… Thank You Aeros for the amazing years of hockey you gave me as a fan. Ill forever still wear my Aeros gear as a reminder of the champions they are and the legacy of the team they leave. As they play(ed) their last game in Toyota Center those banners will be a reminder of that history that no one can erase unless Les is a prick who will remove the banners…….AND might I add that the Aeros are only 2 points from the Playoffs again this season. 3 games this weekend and the team will play at least a few more before they leave for good. Would be sweet to see them win the Calder Cup on their last run in Houston…..never know! My LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as an 8th seed beating seeds 1,2 and 3 and going 16-4 and I cant wait to wear my official Kings Stanley Cup Champions ring soon!! =P

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise