Life in Montana: I Didn’t Expect it…..

In July as I wrapped up the last of the road trip for the year I stayed one last night in NYC. Got an amazing hook up for a high rise apartment stay and figured why not stay one more night and enjoy the views of NYC? Originally when finishing a road trip, I’ll take the next flight out back home or if I’m flying my own aircraft, take myself home. Worth the few hours…..well to me. My buddy and bus driver Mark was going to be driving the bus back to his home in Wyoming. He had a few days head start. I knew I wanted a short little vacation so to speak. CA can be hot depending on where you are. Malibu is always very cool and the warmth there is comfy. The evenings nice and cool. I had been in Texas for a long while since my father passed away in 2017. I honestly don’t like it there. My friends and family there make it bearable but the weather in Houston is fucked 350 days a year. LOL Yeah Houston area doesn’t get much cool weather. The weather reporters love to say COLD FRONT…..bitches that a cooler front….A not so hot front! LOL Definitely NOT a COLD front.

I had already planned a short stay in Pray Montana. Nicely located North of Yellowstone National Park. Im an Annual Parks Pass holder =). Got there the next evening and relaxed. Picked up some dinner from a few places because I was craving a bunch of shit lol. Sat back, relaxed. Cats enjoying the peacefulness. Oh yeah, remember I said Mark had a head start heading home to Wyoming. Since it was on the way he stopped off at the place I was staying and I told him to stay a bit and chill. He’s always been like a second father to me. Mark is a former Marine and a dude who doesn’t take shit from people but all around a funny ass dude to chill with. I got some stories from this year’s road trip that have to do with him but perhaps I’ll get back to writing on here on a consistent basis again and I’ll share those stories soon. So yeah Mark made it to crib and unloaded all my shit and got the cats all comfy cause YES…….I always travel on tour with my cats! lol. Well in the USA. The cats actually really like the trips. They’re always staring out the windows looking at the scenery and chillin at the campsites on our days off. I got a pretty neat little cat cage that lets the cats relax outside and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors. From the spot in Pray to Mark’s home is about 86 miles. So he was cool with chillin for a few extra days. We actually drove the next day in the bus back to his home and dropped it off. It’s my personal Prevost. Oh man the story on how the last one burned outside of Nashville and how I got this newer one is a good story. I might have shared it on here years ago. Who knows I forget. lol. We got out to his place and parked the bus in his huge barn/garage. He’s building a hangar and private air strip. He flew with me many times and got the urge to become a pilot. Before I sold my Cirrus SR22 I basically unofficially taught him on that. Then he went to ground school and now has his private pilot certificate and flies mainly in a Cessna 182 and a few times in the Cirrus. I don’t think he’s too interested in learning to fly the Phenom 300 I currently fly. After the ordeal my friend Vic and I had……yeah I haven’t flown much myself either. Let’s just say any landing is good landing and Vic and I were lucky to survive the near complete malfunction of that thing….Thats another story…..

So we got Mark’s car and headed back to Pray. Did some hiking. Checked out the trails n shit. Went to see some of the Yellowstone damage we could see. Threw up the drone for some great footage. But it was cool to sit back and have a few beers with a good friend and BBQ up some damn good food. After a week I began to really enjoy it in MT. Mark left after 4 days. He was ready to get back and relax himself and get back to working on some projects. I on the other hand had started looking at properties there. Online only. Just surfing….Seeing the possibilities. I ended up finding 4 that were quite nice and caught my attention. Then……made arrangements to see them. Didn’t take me long to realize that I could totally see myself staying there off and on throughout the year. Even thought of putting the Malibu house on AirBNB or something. The Vegas house is already on AirBNB and is brining in a pretty nice easy income. But I was thinking of a place more for me. I ended up narrowing down to 2 properties and then…..made and offer and bought one!

So yeah…..what was supposed to be a short vacation to relax turned into me buying a home in Livingston. I love snow, cold weather, mountains etc. So shit why not? Pretty cool when you see Elk and Moose in the yard. LOL. It was worth it in the end. Definitely will be a great winter getaway when I want to be in the snow and mountains…..Shit this is long..

Ok gonna hold off the rest and post a Part 2 soon……and hopefully I’ll get back in the habit of posting here again…

Cheers for now



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