Kids Are So Strong…

Today I visited children’s hospital as a guest. I donate yearly. What I saw was similar to my past times but today was rough. I met a man who’s daughter is near death because of cancer. That little girl shows no fear. To hear a child say she’s not afraid to die… that’s hard. She’s deserves to live a full life. But to know that her family is there with her is comforting. 

I saw a boy in therapy to learning to walk again. He would fall and cry but he would get up and still try. Over and over.  Breaks your heart to see that yet he never gives up. When he made it to the end of obstacle he gave his mother and the nurse a big hug and everyone high fives. 🙏🏻👍

There was a 15 year old girl who has  cancer. She’s so weak but wants to one day learn to play guitar. I took a few guitar picks with me. I asked her if she was a fan of Katy Perry. She was overly excited and said yes. I gave her a guitar pick. She said when she learns to play she is gonna use it.  I wasn’t there representing anyone. I just felt I’d take some because to kids something so simple can mean the world. Her eyes lit up. 

I wasn’t going to go in there wanting to record anything. That’s disrespectful. These families and kids go through so much. Those are some of the toughest kids you’d ever meet. They’re faced with so much yet they keep fighting. They make you smile even when they know they have a sickness that will one day take them. 

While we all have our own issues if you ever want to do something to help out these families donate whatever you can. It helps them. I saw some parents crying because they was overwhelmed with knowing their child is suffering. I can’t possibly know how hard that is. Before I left I saw a girl who is dealing with brain damage. She would just wave at you and say hi and smile. She was telling a story of her illness her still smiling. When I was about to leave she had a sad face. It made me sad. She kept saying come back and see us. If they’d allow it I surely would. 

If you’ve ever had to deal with a child who has an illness thst needs constant medical attention then yuh know it’s hard to see these kids. I grew up an only child. Many of the kids I met today were also the only child. Some didn’t have brothers or sisters to be there with them. So I can imagine how visitors make them so happy. This is what makes donating so amazing. Seeing these kids fighting their sickness. Smiling through all their pain. 

This all reminds me of the young man I met back when I worked Slipknot. His sister took him to a show and he was in a wheelchair. She was worried about his safety but he wanted to see the band because Slipknot was his favorite band. I got them backstage and we allowed him to watch from the side with the rest of us. Near the end of the show Corey brought him out in his wheelchair and asked everyone to make some noise for him. He loved it. They played a song and he stayed out there with Corey. Afterwards he got to meet all 9 members and some pictures and autographs. He was so excited. He kept saying thank you to everyone. Months later we were back in town and I saw his sister at the show. She was looking for me back behind the arena. I asked her how her brother was. She sadly told me he had died weeks before. She was going to take him to that show too. She said in all the things he went through he wanted her to let us know again that he was happy he got to be part of the show

That might. Best night of his life he had said according to her. I think about that kid a lot. But again he knew he had a sickness that would soon take his life. He didn’t fear it. She said they buried him with everything he got that night. 

Was thankful to be invited considering covid protocols as they limit guests but thankful I could be there. Those kids give me strength with my own issues….

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