Friendships & Relationships

Man so over the past week or so I’ve lost a bunch of so-called friends I guess you could say. Adding people on social media doesn’t actually make them your friends. I guess you could call those people acquaintances. Although some of them can actually become friends. I made many of them when I used to be on an older social platform. We called it TA. I’ll leave it at that.

This 2020 election has brought out another side of many people. I chose not to vote and for the most part no one has said anything bad about that. It’s my right as an American to not vote if I don’t see fit. Im Republican but I haven’t stood ground with any candidate for years. Im neutral. But with all the memes amongst everything else. Ive lost some friends. Honestly, most of them didn’t interact with me much anyways so technically im not losing out on much.

Sadly thought I feel ive lost few that I thought we had close bonds. Its pretty sad when you give 100% in a friendship and you get back not even 1%. Perhaps people have many things going on in life. Or they just don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. I’d prefer them to just tell me, “look this friendship thing isn’t working out. Lets just go our separate ways.” I mean thats the cordial thing to do. Ive noticed with some friends they will ignore phone calls and texts even in person conversation. Again if they have a lot going on I guess thats understandable but just seems a bit harsh to not even drop a line to say hi or the same in person.

Lately, ive gone to being just as them. Ignoring them. Ignoring them when they try to say hi. They don’t like it. Of course for many of them they only value you when it sees fit for them or when they seem to get something out of it. That sucks but thats just the way it is. My male friends are awesome. My female friends are the ones who seem to have this issue. Im probably pretty bad at putting myself in the friend zone but being a 44yo guy who weighs 265 pounds isn’t gonna attract all them fit ladies. There’s my issue right there. So fuck friend zoning any more people and fuck being friend zoned. I mean I really hate to turn into an asshole but im kinda done being the nice guy and the emotional tampon they need for validation when their fuck boy isn’t up to their standards anymore. I mean they’re just gonna go back to them anyways. Just about every female I know breaks up with a guy and then days later back for the D. lol. Then a week later after he got that ass again a few times, he’s done with her. Then she hates him and well….the process repeats itself. It’s sad that ladies put themselves through this. I mean shit my female friends need dick I got it. lol. One of my old female friends always came to me when she would break up with the guy. She needed some dick. So yep I gave into her. there was never any attraction or anything. Just sex. Always worked out for us. Then she got married. I was still her side fuck boy. Then I just got tired of it. Felt like I was wasting my time with her.

Far too long though I always complained about this shit happening to me with female friends. In the end, I put myself in this spot. I think its true, you have to let them know your intentions ahead of time or else there really just is no friendship. Women want friendships with their girls. They don’t want friendships with men. I see many YouTube videos of women saying that for them men are just their meal ticket. Literally. Many of them use men for foodie calls. Free meals on dates so they don’t have to cook or buy groceries. Others see men as financial stability. Not all women are like this thankfully. Much respect to the ones who aren’t this way. At the same time though many men just see women as fuck toys. While many men say its hard to find a relationship because women’s standards have gotten unattainable, many women say its hard to find a man because all we think about is sex.

If you’re a hot buff handsome guy that ladies rate as a 8-10 you’re not gonna have problems finding dates. This is one reason many men won’t even commit. They have many options out in the field. Many women will play the field for years. Have a few kids then later wonder why they can’t find a man that wants to be with them. If a woman is in her 20s or 30s and has 2 or 3 kids she might have decided that her baby factory is closed for good. No more kids. Well, when they have decided they want to actually settle down and stop dating fuck boys they can’t find a man because many of us don’t want the baggage. Some men have no problem dating women with kids. Some of us actually still want to have A KID! There are many men out there who are single and have yet to have a child. The older the woman they date the less likely they are to become a biological father. Women say men are perverts for looking to date women in their 20s when they are 40 but for many of us we want to make sure we can still have kids with someone. Yeah its nice to have a young pretty girl on your side but there are plenty of young 20-somethings out there who are dating men in their mid-30s and 40s. A friend of mine was 21 when she married a 55 year old. Yeah he got money but they also have a few kids and they’re happy. She approached him.

I guess I went way off here but im beginning to think that having friendships with women is becoming harder than ever. I guess they see us as just wanting sex. Far too many times ive tried to be the best friend I could be but where has that gotten me? Nowhere. No respect. No caring. They only care when they need something or validation for their actions. Thats sad. Both male and females are bad. We have our flaws. As a man this is just what I experience with women while I know the things women have to endure with men. I hear it often from same female friends. But I just feel im wasting my time now. One of my past ex-girlfriends stopped talking to me for years. Then suddenly she wants to be friends again. Why? So I tried talking to her when she wanted. She went back to ignoring me so I ignored her back. I think these male/female relationships probably work best when women have gay male friends. I ain’t gay so probably explains why the shit don’t work lol.

Oh well, just gotta keep moving on and doing my own thing. Both men and women one day will realize the good people they had as friends that they ignored and let go and when they seek that friendship out again it probably won’t be open for consideration. That is just the price we pay I guess. I’ve probably left a bunch of things out and in no way am I trying to berate women because we men have tons of issues ourselves. Just my observations as a man. I give up. Just go out and do your own thing. You know how much you can take and when you reach your breaking point just let it go……Its not worth your time……Move on