Backstage & Meet n Greets

Ok so I’ve written about this before and sometimes it just makes me insane and I have to write about it again. Recently with another attack of the KCs and adds to social media the usual questions gets shot at me….see below

can you get me backstage?
can you get me to meet katy?
can you get me free tickets?
what hotel will she be at?
can you give me katy’s room #?
can you get katy to tweet me?
can you have her make a video for me personally?

There’s more but this is pretty much the usual. Now having been touring for years you get used to it. With metal bands you get the same questions but a few others like “what tuning is this song in?” lol. Its part of being a fan but sometimes I think fans lose all sense of reality and take it too far. Many ask why I am against backstage access of any kind and meet n greets. Well its not so much against MNGs but bringing people backstage. Part of it is because its our domain. Our private area and when people who aren’t authorized and/or brought in its like their invading our area. Too many times I’ve had people stray from the group they should be staying in to explore backstage. Some have tried to access artist dressing rooms. Some actually HAVE accessed dressing rooms. Some have stolen items and most of the time recovered them. Many forge fake passes or buy them online thinking that for a mere $20 or whatever they paid for it it will grant them all access to the concert and MNG rights immediately to the artist. WRONG!

It really does vary on the artist and security level but I’ve worked for smaller bands where we just kick people out. Other times we have them removed from the premises completely and a few times have had people arrested for sneaking backstage. Personally I take it very seriously no matter how young or old or big a fan you are. If I catch you your chances of meeting said artist will be pretty much zero. I also enjoy the “my daddy is rich and a lawyer” remarks. lol oh yeah your daddy has privileges at every concert eh….If your daddy was a cop or employee of the venue then i could see that but being a lawyer doesnt have shit to do with the venue and event lol. I remember one girl who gave me the speech that her daddy was a lawyer and she was rich so I should take my poor ass back to work because she can’t get in trouble…..I still had her removed from the show. lol. Break the rules pay the consequences.

I really don’t see the fascination with backstage. I guess for many its the idea of being back there but if your 15 and sneaking backstage your NOT going to blend in. lol Your not gonna see roadies wearing KP shirts, pants, outfits, wristbands, faceprint, socks, watches, etc all branded to KP. lol. Limo drivers aren’t even allowed to harass the artists they transport. Theres many who do interact with them but most guys I know that drive limos in LA say they have strict policy to NOT bother the stars unless opening and closing the doors for them. I know one guy who asked Kim Kardashian for a selfie and she gave it to him but the people with her mentioned that the driver asked her and he lost his job because of it even though she willingly took a pic with him. To me backstage is just a workplace. An area where lots of expensive heavy shit is being moved and stored. Hardly a place for a fan. On a past tour there was a few instances where they did tours of backstage as a radio station contest. A few of those young guys cause it was a metal band, started getting smartass and touching shit. One picked up a guitar…Uhhh you just don’t do that man…..He wasn’t banned but he was asked to leave backstage and was escorted back outside to wait with the others. He ruined his contest win by doing that. He along with the others had won VIP to tour backstage and early entry with a MNG. Now the band at the time was quite accessible so he did get a MNG with a few of them but still….ruining your contest win by doing something foolish….not a good move.

My biggest issue is that I wish more fans when having access to backstage and for MNGs would be a little more respectful of our area and the artist. When they do something they aren’t supposed to do they are not just disrespecting us but they are as well the artist(s). There are plenty of amazing fans that are very respectful and were courteous enough to ask questions because they didn’t want to do anything wrong. Thats always appreciated. So anyways I hope this give a bit more insight as to why I feel the way I do and if your a fan who seeks to meet an artist please be respectful of our private areas if your ever granted access for a short time. When it comes to waiting outside be respectful of tour buses and vehicles transporting the artist. No banging on doors/buses and windows. No throwing rocks and shit at them. You know our tour buses are pretty much worth a million or more dollars. Im sure you wouldn’t want people throwing things at your car or truck! lol. As for hotels…..Well thats not going to change. Fans are going to try and find hotels all the time. Now I see many fans who still go to the hotels and wait and wait and wait and….well if you have had good experiences doing so cool. The thing to remember is many won’t be mean to you but some do take offense to it and might get pissy with you. Ive seen it happen. Main reason is the hotel is home away from home for the day or two. Thats like me going to your house and walking into your backyard and sitting on a chair by your pool and waiting for you to get home. lol Not cool. But like i said many have done this and don’t have any issues. Mainly those I’ve seen that have done it are respectful enough about it. Like “oooh hi hey its been awhile” or something. Unlike many who will make a mad dash to you and put shit in their faces quickly asking for autographs and pics and touching them…. again, be respectful because you don’t always know a persons mood at that time. One time in Athens one of the guys in the band got a phone call that a family member had passed away and it tore him up badly. He ended up leaving the venue and the tour immediately and we had to eventually fill in for him on his instrument. Not a bad gig for me to jam in front of tens of thousands of people but not good for him. I remember we were all talking with him just before he left and some fans waiting outside the gates were quick to begin with the psychotic actions for pics and autographs. They didn’t know what had just happened. We pushed them away and told him NO PICS NO AUTOGRAPHS EVERYONE PLEASE. He got in the van and left to hotel with one of our managers. Few moments later fans were saying things like

Dude what a fucking asshole
He fucking sucks
Fuck that mother fucker I just wanted a photo

So we went on to tell them, “look everyone the show is still on tonight but he won’t be performing with the band. He received some bad news back home and he is leaving the tour for now. Please be respectful of his privacy. Thanks”

Still many of the fans were calling names and saying what a prick he was. One guy specifically said

man he could have just stopped for a few minutes and signed our shit and pics. FUCK.

I mean as if stars and roadies are not human. Not allowed to have feelings. Just cater to their every wish. Its quite sad actually that this one guy went off while all the others began to cry and felt bad for being so mean and bothering him. I remember on our next trip there some of those same fans I saw and many of them personally went up to him and apologized for being so mean and demanding. The boss was cool and said “its ok man life happens thanks for understanding.” Then he signed and took pics with everyone.

So if your ever granted the temporary privilege to be backstage or for a MNG use your BEST judgement and don’t do anything you shouldn’t. Be respectful. Its appreciated all around. Your bad move could cost EVERYONE their opportunity and yes I’ve seen that happen too! lol. If you sell passes of any kind online or give them away make sure others know and that its stated that those passes DO NOT GRANT ACCESS backstage for them under any circumstance. Even if it is a VIP or All Access it was not issued to you and you are not granted any rights.

As for the beginning of this post about all the questions I get….Yeah those questions are pretty insane to ask. Ive even been asked for an artists personal cell phone number. LOL YEAH OK!! I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Don’t ask me to get you passes, tickets, MNG opportunities or any of that. Its unprofessional for me to do any of those things. Remember i have to work with these artists daily. Asking for info is cool. Asking for personal favors not cool. I don’t even do favors for people I know because its unprofessional. Thanks for reading and remember be safe…..


One response to “Backstage & Meet n Greets

  1. Hey, long time did not write/ comment on some of your posts. I won MNG with Slipknot few years ago, everything went totally fine, We took official photos with three members, but we have never get the pictures -whole half of the tour did not get the pics posted online in Slipknot official gallery, for whatever reasons.
    But at least we met them in persona 8))) which was interesting expirience..

    I was at Rock am Ring 2015 for third time on SLipknot concert, was in the moshpit.

    here is the video on their offiicial site

    Were youwith them touring, because I thought I have seen you at the end of the video.

    Many greetings bro!
    When you visit Germany, send me an email on!

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