The Ring Returns

No im not talking about the horror movie here. lol. Ok lets take a little history back to when i was in high school. Yeah this goes back to around 1993-1994. I was crazy enough to give my ring away to a girl I wasn’t even dating. Just friends and then suddenly we lost contact and my ring was gone. What ring you ask? My high school class ring. Most guys tend to give females their class rings and their letter jackets. I guess some see it as possession. You know so other guys know, “hey thats my girl and ill fuck you up if you try talking to her…….” Yeah like that. Well for me it was nothing like that. I just simply gave the girl my ring and it ended up gone what seemed like forever. The following is a short story about that ring and how I got it back after nearly 20 years.

I was 17 at the time and ready to graduate. I spent most of my time partying and missing lunch. Its an entirely different story but I had gotten into trouble for attacking my mothers now husband. I didn’t even have any intention on doing so but he pushed me so I attacked. Went to court and missed lots of school. I spent my senior year making up work and missing lunch just to make the grades. I didnt really mind though. It was nice to do my work when no one was in class and my teacher saw my effort. Nonetheless I passed and was able to graduate. I was pretty close to failing if I didn’t make up some grades to passing.

Coming into the last few months of my senior year my friend James Brau and I would go into Katy TX to see his girlfriend. He didn’t like driving out that way alone so he usually came to pick me up for the ride. We eventually ended up going to this other girls house too that his girlfriend was friends with. Her name was Gabrielle. I kinda sorta had a crush on her. She was tall and skinny and Brazilian. She could just cuss you out in Portuguese and it sounded cool. lol. Anyways, James and I had gone out to her house because it was her birthday and we was going to meet up with his girlfriend Whitney there. So while we was there it was kinda lame. I mean there was parents and shit. lol. I didn’t really know anybody except for James and Whitney. Gabrielle I had known but her mother was pretty mean and she never talked english much. lol. So the party progressed and there was this girl there that I had been talking to. Nothing major. Just someone nice. Back then I didn’t talk much to girls because I was always concentrating on music. So it was a pleasant welcome to actually have someone somewhat, somehow, whoa, what, are you serious interested in talking to me.

I eventually saw this girl a few more times. A handful i’d say. So as I said earlier, I thought i’d be cool and let her wear my class ring. Not to make dudes be like “oh shit” but just because it made me feel good. I had gone to her house a few times. I don’t really recall what we ever did. Went out to eat and a movie or something. I really don’t remember that far back. Her step-father was pretty cool. He liked Rush and played drums. I thought awesome! So anyways, after some time passed and we graduated we eventually lost contact. I couldn’t even remember her phone number or address because I had moved from Rosenberg to Sugar Land and lost a crap load of papers and such. I went from having my own phone line to not. So after that my ring was now gone. Someone I didn’t know very well had it and I figured i’d never ever ever see it again. Sorry for the slight Taylor Swift song reference there! lol.

My parents had paid I think around $400 or so for the ring. I really can’t remember anymore but it was pretty expensive. Ill post a picture below. I’ve never been a fan of gold. In fact I think the ring is actually white gold 10K. Im not too sure anymore but I dont recall getting it pure gold because it costed more. All I know is that it is stamped 10K on the inside with my name engraved on it. My high school colors were pretty much navy blue, gray and white. The blue was just too dark for me and I saw samples and the blue just didn’t fit well with the white gold ring color so I opted for a stone color change. I got aquamarine I guess it is. Whatever the March birthstone is that’s what I got. A reference to my mother’s birth month. I loved the light blue color of the stone on the white gold. The stone has the number 65 inside in gold. I didn’t play varsity football but since I did spend half my high school years playing football I got a sports themed ring with my number and an engraved football player with my name and the blue and gray colors in a shield. The opposite side just had 1994 engraved as well as a mustang which is my high school. mascot.

So I went all these years never knowing about the ring. On Facebook I found James’ old girlfriend Whitney and we added one another as friends. I never really wanted to bug her about it but one day last year inquired about it. I had asked her if she knew the girl and talked to her still. She said yes. I told her about how she still had my ring and I really had wanted to get it back if I could. She asked her and eventually over some time she found it. Whitney had texted me and told me the girl found it! I was like “WHOA!!!” I mean no way!!! Its been 20 years. Never would I have imagined that I would see it again. I talked with said girl about the ring and of course just catching up. Im not that mean. I didn’t mind adding her as a friend on FB. So recently on a trip back to Texas I was able to drive out to her home and talk for a bit and get the ring back. It felt weird like I was taking something away from her even though it was mine. I can’t really explain how I felt. Felt really good though. It really makes you believe that if you lose something or someone and it/they comes back to you even years later then it was meant to be. I tried on the ring and it still fit. Although it seems so much smaller now to me. lol.

In the end, I am just so happy to have it back. Even though its part of my past from 20 years ago it is still something that i’d like to one day pass onto my own kid if I ever decided to knock someone up lol. I kind of see the ring as a good luck charm. Seems like good things and vibes have been coming my way since I got it back. My health scare, changing over from Katy Perry back to Slipknot…for now that is…..Yes, after the Grammys I got sick and ended up in the hospital. I didn’t make much of a big deal over it because I didn’t feel I needed to. It caused me to give up my spot with KP and now im just really doing nothing besides a little help with ol’ friends. I’ve been taking flying lessons and am very near taking my private pilot test. I am also going up for instrument rating so I can fly with more advanced avionics. Its something I always wanted to do and now im making that dream come true. I’ve been training in a Cirrus SR22. Started in a Cessna 172 but wanted to get into a Cirrus. Anyways, im just happy to have the ring back. Its like a closing chapter of my teenage years. Feels good that I can still fit into the ring. Wearing it right now. I waited many years and never expecting to see it again and it came back to me. Im thankful for that but most of all im thankful for the girl for keeping it and taking such good care of it. That really means a lot to me. With that said, I am going to bed.








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