College? Low Paying Jobs?

Was reading a post about jobs a few minutes ago And it’s shocking how so many believe college will give you a better job. Not always. I’m not knocking college or those who go but it just seems like companies still look for candidates who have high educational credentials yet they offer shit pay. A friend posted about a job that seeks. Law degree graduate but only pays $12.71 an hour lol. Wow. Can you say greed?!?

Sadly that is what America has come to. There’s a Katycat who lives in Australia. She purchased tickets for 23 Prism Tour dates on her own. This including a few dates in UK and USA. She paid for it all herself by working. In America a young adult is lucky to make enough to pay rent and a car. How can a city or company justify paying someone $12.71 an hour which is shit then have the audacity to ask for a law degree! That’s a slap in the face man.

I’m 38. Never spent one second in a college. Graduated high school with decent grades. As and Bs. I beat the odds because most will say if you don’t go to college you won’t Amount to shit. I make more than all of my family. I’m pretty fucking proud of that. It’s not bragging it’s being proud of my accomplishments. All of my family that is doing well went to college. They have degrees. I don’t. Yet my knowledge in music has lead me to a nice career. It’s my financial smarts that gave me the cushion I have to sit on. Thanks GOOG!! Lol.

College will give you better job opportunities and those who attend can find better paying jobs but it doesn’t happen for everyone. It’s. It fail safe. I hAve a friend with a engineering degree who has shady job history because he had an injury and he left a job because of pain. Now when he applies no one calls him back. Others say he’s either not qualified or too qualified. Seems like can’t win. He could afford college. I couldn’t. Even after applying for grants. I saw the trends. When I had to cash to go figured why? Bust my ass and blow $50000 so I can get a minimum wage job where they expect me to do the job of 4 people? Hell I do that now but at least I get paid for my skill.

All I’m saying is I beat the odds. Not everyone will. I still tell young people when I talk to them to get your college in. Because even though many of them feel same as I it’s still good these days to have it. Employers seek the best and pay the worst. It’s a shit return but bills don’t pAy themselves.

I’m thankful for my life now. Even started flying lessons. Oh boy watch the skies I’m already up and away lol


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