KOA Campgrounds…..lol

so sitting here in Bowling Green Kentucky at a KOA campground just south of the city. So rather than make a huge blog out of this, here are some things I noticed….

1. This KOA is really fucking nice!
2. Huge ass place with a lake and dog park
3. store to buy shit but its closed i think grrrrr
4. I need a fucking C O K E! not the drug!
5. There is a table of old guys two campsites over playing cards. dominoes earlier
6. There is a skinny blonde in the campsite next to ours that is outside in her panties smoking weed.
7. I think the ppl across from us are fucking lol
8. there are no kids around. then again its almost 5am and we are about to pull out of here
9. About to leave for Great Smoky Mountains National Park
10. Coach Casa de Grylls is the biggest fucking RV/Bus in this lot
11. A friend of mine passed by earlier but didnt stop WTF
12. Its quiet out here
13. Smoking an e-hookah prompted the girl next door to start staring at me because of the red light
14. im sitting in a chair waiting for Mark to get all our hookups disconnected
15. WTF are these old guys doing playing cards this early?!?
16. surprised that Jason Voorhees hasn’t popped out of the woods with a mask and machete chasing after us
17. im sleepy
18. again im thirsty and us splitting a Red Baron Pizza didnt help
19. all we have to drink is orange juice and water but i want carbonation man!
20. from this KOA to next destination is about 263 miles

Thats about it. Just kinda interesting the things i noticed. OK just a tidbit…The girl is outside smoking right now cig #2. THe old guys are playing cards but the couple appearing to have sex must have stopped but that started earlier about 40 minutes ago. their lights are off and no more OH OH OH. lol. One other funny observation was this….yesterday when we checked in someone asked us why we didnt opt for a cabin. well for one its me and a bus driver and two why stay in a cabin when we got a full size Prevost coach with 3 pull out extensions? Thats room enough right there! They do have showers and such here but again we got that. So no need to pay $100 for a cabin when accomomadations are already set right? I think so too! lol

Ok thats it. I actually managed to type this on a tablet. Wow. I have no idea how to add photos with this WordPress so fuck it.




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