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ive noticed recently as I have come to my WordPress account that it has been changing constantly. Of course I am not complaining. The Dashboard seems to have a new look. Same layout just a newer cleaner style. Im diggin it. Ive been on here quite a bit just haven’t actually posted lately. Right now I decided to throw a blog or two up before I get some sleep. Sitting in the bus outside Moda Center in Portland for todays show. Tonight after this show we are off to Tacoma and then a nice five days off to make our way out to Fargo ND. Basically here is the last of the USA leg. Then we are off for a nice break before heading to New Zealand and Australia.

August 30 Portland, Oregon

August 31 Tacoma, Washington

September 6 Fargo, North Dakota

September 7 & 8 St. Paul, Minnesota

September 12 Greensboro, North Carolina

September 13 Raleigh, North Carolina

September 14 Charlottesville, Virginia

September 19, 20 & 21 Nashville, Tennessee

For those Across the Pond dates we get to enjoy Thanksgiving before heading out through December. Should be fun. I really like NZ and AUS. Thus far ending my run with Taylor Swift. Its been pretty cool. Got this guy named Mark who has driven the bus ive been on many times. So thats one cool thing. Second, only 3 of us on same bus. Its a new bus as well. Shit is furnished nice as hell. Black leather sofas, dark black marble-ish flooring, dark wood grain cabinets and the fucking shower is red! RED!! lol gives meaning to Taylor’s RED Tour eh lol. Its a sweet ride. Slide-outs and master bed in back. Has 4 bunks. We got a stocked bar and the fridge is full of water, Monster and Coke. We got the usual; plasma TVs, WIFI, Satellite. Setup my Netflix account on it. I decided to go back to a streaming only account. Ehh only $8 bucks.

I would have to say that this is quite different from the Katy Perry experience. Its okay though. Its been fun. The only bad thing is that since I have been calling Malibu home now and during that down time we had with KP I was able to attend some Galaxy and Dodgers games. Im gonna miss Kings Night at Dodger Stadium. GRRRRR lol. Its all good though because we will finish this leg of the tour in enough time for me to make it out to Las Vegas for the Kings Frozen Fury Annual Event. Can’t wait. Who wants to go? lol I’d seriously take someone but most of the people I know dont like hockey and dont have the time. Anyways thats it for this blog….

Catch ya on da flipside…





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