Sick of the Endless Drama of People Hating on the President; Have Some Respect

If you live in America then you know Barack Obama is the President of the USA. Nice dude. Met him 3 different times. I really dont care or pay attention to politics and the policies the officials put forth into Congress because they will always get what they want anyways. My say really has no effect and will make no difference. Silly that Americans think their voice matters. When has it ever? Sure maybe some court case but when it comes to the govt they do as they wish. Its all about money and power.

Well the point of this short blog was because now that Obama is in his last term as CIC in America people today still blame the guy for everything. He caused this….He caused that…..I guess these people are not aware that we have had well over 40 Presidents. Thats forty-something different fuck ups since before we were ever born. It really gets boring and fucking annoying to see people on Facebook post daily bullshit about how much they hate Obama and blah blah blah blah…. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH….thats all I hear on Facebook these days. I think white America needs to get over it. A black man runs the office. Which proves that one day a hispanic or even Asian could run the office. Your probably saying “dumbass only americans can run for office.” Here’s where I say, “hey fucktard did i say they were from there? People from other nationalities BORN in the USA are just as capable of running things.” I really dont see why people spend EVERY MOTHER FUCKING DAY bitching about Obama. You know maybe if you spent as much time doing productive things as you do bitching about the current President maybe you could get shit done for a change! What makes me laugh is that all these haters are saying how great Bush was. Really?!!? These people bitching about Obama are the same people who bitched about Bush and how they wanted him out. The same people who say Bush was behind 9/11. Seriously people get over it and do something more productive with your time. If the highlight of your day is to post idiotic bullshit about how much you hate Obama, well professor you got some issues. Hey I thought I was bad but hey at least I dont get on Facebook anymore and post bitchy statuses and links about shit. I hate the sports teams from where I was born. I really dont care to post about it anymore. Why? I might open my mouth and say something and I have every right to do so. Just like you have every right to bitch. Just as people dont want to hear me bitch about the teams I hate, others hate to hear your meaningless rants about the oval office.

Just get over it. Deal…..Find something else to do. Soon another President will be elected and run the oval office and yet again these same rants will happen again but with a different name. This shit never ends. I met Obama for work I did with Katy. Security was a bitch for sure. Previously I had met George W Bush and George H Bush in the past as well. I have respect for those individuals even if I dont care or follow their Presidency. They are people of high stature that I was honored to meet. Not everyone can say they met a President. I thought it was pretty cool that on the second time around President Obama remembered my name and shook my hand. Thats pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

So Yeah I just dont see the point in those posts. No one says you cant have an opinion but I would say that many people have stopped receiving others updates simply because they dont want to see stupid posts that basically are like a broken fucking record. Waaaah waaaaah waaaaah. We get it. You dont like Obama. Good for you. What you want me to do? Cartwheels across the room? Expect me to change my mind because of your ideals? Sorry folks. Not gonna happen. Have a little respect for the man. I’d like to see some of the idiots do his job. Have people following you around all day. Never alone and attending endless meetings and such. Not so easy. I tell ya what…go grab your little rifle and go shoot a can in your backyard……then eat a squirrel and get your mind off meaningless crap. ok peace out!


3 responses to “Sick of the Endless Drama of People Hating on the President; Have Some Respect

  1. It’s not the President they should be hating on it’s the guys that are supposed to be making the laws and debating the issues that really plague America. Sadly those guys are the one’s out to get Obama. They made it clear during his first four years that their only goal was to make Obama a one term President. So they blocked any form of legislation that would actually be beneficial to the country except for “Obamacare.” They only let that one slip through so that they could use it to undermine the rest of his term (or terms) in office. If the members of Congress spent as much time debating the real issues plaguing America instead of trying to bash the countries leader and the one policy they actually passed though some shit might actually get done.

    • Was to lazy to sign into my account lol. You are right! It is those people they should be hating on. It’s their intent to make the president look bad and at what cost? The suffering of the American people? They fail to see that the very people who they praise so much are the ones fucking everyone. The leader of their pack is that McConnell Guy! U can see hatred written all over his face. Well said Shawn!

  2. you both nailed it! really good point here of both of you! even I am not an AMerican, I follow some of happening in USA, because the situation over there will have an impact on all of us.
    I ask you both jsut one thing? Did any of you vote for Obama for the second time?

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