Tony McManus New Album Mysterious Boundaries

I met Tony last summer along with PRS guitars guru Paul Smith. This is when I discovered the acoustic music of Tony. His arrangements are so relaxing. Ive managed to learn quite a few myself. Si Dolce el Tormento, Gnossienne No 1, Sleeping Tune, Maids of Mitchelltown. Just all around great music. Tony mostly does Irish folk music but with his new release Mysterious Boundaries he takes on a new challenge, classical music. He does an exceptional job!! I cant stop listening to it since I bought it. Of course I buy mp3s these days rather than actual CDs.

Anyways here is the album cover and a short video giving you an introduction to each piece he has on the album. Enjoy!!

To purchase the CD go here:

To purchase the mp3s go here:

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus – Mysterious Boundaries


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