Holy Crabbypatties Yes Im Alive….lol

So I havent really posted this entire month. I try to post something at least one or twice a month but damn i didnt realize i was almost passing up on June. Anyways, nothing real special to mention anyways. Im alive! lol. Ive been working on some new guitar pieces lately. Irish instrumental guitar mainly. Ive really been into the celtic style of Tony McManus over the last year. Few days ago I figured out his arrangement of Gnossienne No 1 by Erik Satie. Its a really mellow song. Nothing fancy just a soft classical piece. Recently on Facebook I posted a video doing a rough version of Si Dolce El Tormento which translates to how sweet the torment. Its another arrangement by Tony McManus. This piece is from Claudio Monteverdi.

Really thats about it. Besides doing my usual work for Miss Kitty when required. Ive been enjoying the very much cooler weather of Malibu compared to Texas. Of course im here in Texas now because my grandmother has surgery Monday then I go back but shit holy fuck balls man this place is pathetic!! Hot as a mother fucker! Ive never been anywhere where its like 92 but feels like 115. WTF! I hear lots of folks mention how its hotter where they are. Yeah but them fools DONT have 100% humidity with that hot weather! Ugh this place sux! Only a few days though. Well thats it for now. Im gonna go relax and probably grab some Whataburger. damn good shit i tell ya. Well the ketchup!! lol its sacred shit!!!

Ok peace out folks!! One last thing. Miss Meow gets a Star on the Walk of Fame…take that lady Gaga!! lol. she has time to plan her actual ceremony where she will get it….coming soon!!! =)

Katy gets her star!!!

Katy gets her star!!!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music




One response to “Holy Crabbypatties Yes Im Alive….lol

  1. yeah man, fuck, U did not post anything, specially a pic of yourself. Do you even age?? U are like Clint Eastwood or Keanu Reeves-not aging!
    And as I see, you are spamming now your own blog 8))

    Wish your grandma all best and good recovery! I hope it goes well.

    Yeah humidity with high temperatures is shit, but sunny bright days are very nice.

    Have a nice weekend, bro!
    Greeting from Germany, I am working in germany now, not more in Bosnia 8)

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