Guitarists Rejoice!!! Guitar Center Offers Strings for a year for $20

thats no lie folks. Head to your local guitar center now and purchase a strings club card. Here is the link.

Basically you buy the card for $20 and every month for a year they load it with $5 towards a monthly strings purchase. Remember though the amount doesn’t rollover so use the card every month even if you dont need the strings at the moment. That way you can save them and have strings for when you need them. That is unless you buy in bulk. Either way its $5 off every month. I use Dunlop and D’Addario depending on my mood and the Dunlops are about 5 bucks anyways so there ya go. You really just pay that damn tax.

Anyways, check out the link for more info. just spreading the word around to ALL the stringers out there.




2 responses to “Guitarists Rejoice!!! Guitar Center Offers Strings for a year for $20

  1. Do you think young kids should take music lessons ? What’s the reason that so many parents want their kids to?)i(Hard to say not knowing what he has already been taught. I usually start a new student off with reading and counting 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 notes. I then show them how to apply that to the drum set. I think it is always best to get them playing a song as soon as possible. Something like a simple AC/DC song is great. If he doesn’t know how to read tabs, show him that.
    That’s your entire first lesson right there. Be sure to have the tabs already printed off when he gets there, more professional. Over the next few weeks you’ll work with
    him on getting the song right which includes working on his meter.
    After a few weeks when he has this down, move to a
    little harder song and start teaching him things like playing 1/16 notes on the
    bass drum or hi-hat, etc. Once the basics are there and
    his meter is solid you can start working on stick control, teaching him some basic fills and even more complex techniques like ghost strokes,

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