Just a Thought

you know its funny how so many kids say they hate school but it seems to take them FOREVER to get off the damn school bus!! lol seriously get the fuck off the bus and shake yo ass home!! that is if you hate school that much! lol. When i was that age when i got off the bus my ass was walking fast or running to get home. Even in the mornings these kids walk slower than a snail to get on the bus. move it man! Us grown folk got shit to do! lol.


2 responses to “Just a Thought

  1. just today, I was reminded that I was going for 12 years 5/week to school/university by bus.
    And sometimes it was fucking hot inside, too many people in one vehicle.
    I had no choice.
    But very often I stood up 20-30 minutes earlier to make me some good breakfast and go to the first station so I can get a seat.

    And guess what kept me sane through all those years???
    My mp3 player and great music on it. It still keeps me sane 8))

    Greetings bro, enjoy

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