So Long Houston Aeros and Thanx!! =)

Nothing is easy about losing your favorite team to another city. Even if it is a minor league those players we had were playing back and forth at pro level. I wont go off and say too much at this point but below is an excerpt I posted on the news media facebook that mentioned their departure….here it is and what I had to say….if you dont care for hockey dont even bother reading this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and below is mine…. I also added a pic of some of my favorite merch from the team even going back to an OLD IHL hockey puck (the one with the white background and Aeros logo)


ok here is my take on this…I used to live in Houston. I live in Los Angeles now…yeah home of the KINGS! Well im always back and forth but anyways….lol ok ive been an Aeros Fan about 15 years. When i would go back home to Houston I would always attend a handful of games in my fav sections 126 or 101. I like sitting where its quiet! The Aeros have a HUGE following in Houston. When I first started going to games by myself where I could actually pay attention and not have to talk to others with me I noticed all the fans. Young kids, even plenty of women. Many would say hockey is a mans sport. Well TONS of women in HOuston love the Aeros. THe Aeros organization, players, dancers, announcers etc always did an exceptional job for each home and away game. Theme nights which brought together Cub Scouts, schools, first responders, military etc…..The Aeros definitely looked to including the community in the sport. What lacked the most for Houston’s Aeros was their coverage with the media. I attended all the home games of the 2011 Calder Cup run. Was at the last game when the Aeros lost a heartbreaker. That night I dont recall hearing one word about the Aeros in the run for the Calder Cup. In fact I dont recall hearing one word about them even being in the playoffs. All you hear in Houston is Houston Texans all day everyday. Yes they are the most popular team but during hockey season no one gives a flip about the Texans. You go to an Aeros game you see Aeros jerseys as well as others like NHL, old Aeros; Gordie Howe…For the entire time the Aeros were part of Houston the news media never cared for them. As I said I live in Los Angeles. Here EVERY team gets news coverage that plays a game that day. Kings, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Angels, Galaxy..etc…. I watch Fox News 11 here and if I miss a game I can count on them to report the score and some highlights. Houston concentrates on football too much at a time when its not even being played. People say Houston isnt a hockeytown. Maybe it isn’t but look at ALL the teams across the world that host a team. How many of those cities are hockeytowns? Shame on people for saying this because if you ever attended an Aeros game you would see the young kids playing a mini-game at 1st intermission and it was so fun to see. Some of those kids showing tons of skill. The Houston Aeros marked their history in the city by winning championships and hardly ever missing the playoffs. The Texans cant even get to the big game. Honestly if this is the way Houston treats hockey they dont deserve another team. But bare in mind its not the people its folks like Les Alexander but you cant blame him fully because the Wild did want to see their affiliate being closer. For my team our AHL affiliate is the Manchester Monarchs in New Hampshire. ACross the country just to get called up to the NHL. So it breaks my heart to see the Aeros leave and to see so many hockey fans upset but the Aeros gave us all wonderful memories we will all cherish and we wish them nothing but the best as they move on. People who say F hockey its really sad to hear you say that when you claim you want to do so many family activities together with your kids when hockey is one of those fun things to have done with them…… Thank You Aeros for the amazing years of hockey you gave me as a fan. Ill forever still wear my Aeros gear as a reminder of the champions they are and the legacy of the team they leave. As they play(ed) their last game in Toyota Center those banners will be a reminder of that history that no one can erase unless Les is a prick who will remove the banners…….AND might I add that the Aeros are only 2 points from the Playoffs again this season. 3 games this weekend and the team will play at least a few more before they leave for good. Would be sweet to see them win the Calder Cup on their last run in Houston…..never know! My LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as an 8th seed beating seeds 1,2 and 3 and going 16-4 and I cant wait to wear my official Kings Stanley Cup Champions ring soon!! =P

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise

Some of my favorite Aeros merchandise


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