Just An Update

So yeah ive been quiet lately. Just havent really felt like blogging or anything else for that matter. After a busy 2012 the reward for all the work was going to Iceland. Noooo I didnt stay in a Hostel. lol. Actually stayed in Reykjavik and then in Grindavik. Saw quite a bit of scenery. There was some snow but much of it didnt fall until after I was gone. It was a fun trip. I have about 300 or so pics. So while I was there a friend told me she read an article about horse DNA found in the beef. I was like whoa! I didnt really eat any beef so i guess im good. I didnt eat Mr Ed then lol.

A few things have me a bit confused but im not going to spend too much time trying to figure any of that out. Not really worth the time. On another note I cracked my damn Droid screen. Its not cracked where you can actually see the scren but its cracked on the corner. im sure only a matter of time before the fucker cracks completely. Considering I am the worlds biggest klutz it wont last long. Trying to decide what kind of phone I want next. Galaxy Note or maybe wait for the S4. ehhh who knows. i actually got a free icrap from a friend. new in box but its for ATT not Verizon which I have. I have a buyer. lol. I think. Sell that sucker.

Well I guess ill shut up. I really dont have much to say. I watched Think Like A Man earlier. Whats funny is that these women were all crazy to read a book about how to understand men but when the men read the book to “protect” themselves from these women they got all pissed off. LOL these women were playing from beginning! sheesh. face it men, we are never right when it comes to relationships. 2+2 may equal 4 but if you want that pussy if she says its 6 then its 6! lol….ok well im out. more maybe soon. Im really sorry I just dont have much to say. I could sit here and describe the vacay but im sure not many care about a place named after ice!

peace out





One response to “Just An Update

  1. upload/post some pics somewhere like Flickr, it is always interesting to see
    wish U good chillout moments 8))

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