2012: A Look Back & The Future for 2013

Now my previous post was about the holiday season in general and not about me but this blog is dedicated more to myself and the things I feel I wanted to share with you all. 2012 was all in all a great year for me. Lots of changes and many good things came from it while some bad still lingered. I wont emphasize on that too much because going into a new year a la 2013 we want to think of the positives. I think by this time every year we all stop and look back at what has happened. The good and the bad. We try to find some things that we want to improve on and thus comes the dreaded inevitable New Year’s Resolution. Something that many of us falter on year after year. For me I have mine set in place. For many across the pond it is already New Year’s Day and well into it. So if your reading this and it is New Year’s Day, well Happy Mother Fucking New Year!!! lol

For me like many millions of others my resolution has been to shed some damn weight. Now I have the tools to accomplish that. The biggest factor will be putting in the time. Rather than saying I dont have time to do this hour long workout ill just do what I can when I can. Love my Bowflex though. The thing is a great workout. Many have their own feelings about it but hey it works for me. Plus I have free-weights. Cardio will be another thing I will concentrate on this year. One of the biggest reasons people fail at this goal is because they get overwhelmed by two factors. One being they dont find the time to do so because they are so caught up in their own little world and dealing with kids and the other is they get intimidated by going to a gym and seeing others. Now not all feel that way but for some its an issue. For me I never felt it was an issue. What bugged me was actually driving to the damn gym when now I have the means for a good decent workout in my own living space. Save some gas eh!! lol. No one ever said it would be easy and im not looking to be some Dewayne Johnson “The Rock” clone, I just want to better my health in the long run. For years I battled with a condition called Gout. Its basically when you consume too much sugar and uric acid crystals build up in your joints and thus cause you horrendous pain for days, weeks and even months if not treated. I changed my eating and drinking habits drastically and im happy to say that I rarely ever get a gout flare up. Thats a huge deal to me because at one point I got them so often. Like every other week and they stuck around for like a month or so. So being that its the cold season now and its more common for people to get arthritic pains in cold weather I am glad to see that I have overcome this hurdle for the most part by changing something as simple as cutting out as much sugar as I can.

So lets get back to 2012 and then i will mention what I hope for in 2013. 2012 brought many great travels for me. For us I should say. In January we started off what would be the end of the California Dreams Tour in Jakarta Indonesia and ended it all in Manila Philippines. After that many travels to places such as Chennai India, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Rio, Dubai….etc. Some of those places I had never been or only been in for such a short time I never saw anything. Like Dubai. I dreamed of one day going to the Burj Khalifa to see the worlds tallest building and when I stood there before going in I shed a tear man. Really! Its fucking amazing that after all these years I still seem to be accomplishing my goals. I can’t believe I was there. I can’t believe I jumped out of a perfectly good plane five times over the Gulf and logged 50th jump. Its amazing. I look back at this life and although when I go back to where I grew up, Houston TX area, it seems so small to me. I guess because I have experienced so much. To be perfectly honest the only thing that makes going back to Texas sweet is seeing my family and friends. I don’t have many personal friends so mainly its all about family. My one good friend is like family to me and she knows that so yeah. But seriously when I walked into that building it was amazing. The architecture done to that place. I had seen so many videos on it on You Tube and to finally be there was amazing. Going to the observation deck and seeing the world. Eating dinner on the 123rd floor and seeing the world from a perspective I had never done before except on a plane. I even remember going to India and seeing life there. It was actually a nice place. Very pleasant in some areas and poor, very poor in others. Seeing how other people live makes you appreciate what you have that much more. Accomplishment just didnt come with travel. It came with a female who accomplished so much herself and to be a part of that was amazing. Woman of the Year and First Female Artist to have 5 #1 Singles off One Album. Something not done since Michael Jackson. The work I do is a direct reflection on the people I do the work for. I always do my best even when confronted with so much adversity. SO 2012 has been a great year. I wont go as far as saying a stellar year but close…..

For 2013 I just really want to continue to have a successful life and career. I know it will bring much time away from home and friends/family and especially my kids aka my cats. I am a cat fanatic and there is nothing more awesome than having giant furballs curl up on you and fall asleep. Well im not a parent so yeah cats are my thing! lol. I think I should be fine with the number I have now but never know I might add to the pack! lol. I just hope that with all of my future travels things will go smooth and safe. I hope that my friends will get their lives in order for those who have issues to deal with. Life never gets easier. Even with all the money and shit its still never easy. 2013 will be a new beginning and another chapter of my life. I recently turned 37 years old and in some ways I feel old but yet I still feel and look young. I figure if I can shed some weight it will make me look even better and younger. Of course we can’t fight mother nature and father time but to be 37 and still get carded for alcohol and cigarettes thats a damn good feeling. About a week ago I went to buy a couple of 12 packs of beer for a family Christmas Party and the guy at the convenience store asked me for my ID. I happily showed it to him. He laughed and apologized over and over. “oh my friend I am sorry. I am so sorry. you look young guy.” I mean thanks!! Nice to hear still! So I know im not that old as far as looks go. I figure if I can at least shed 40-60 pounds that will make me look drastically different and will improve my health. I saw an old pic of me from my high school days and wow. I was so small compared to now. Of course I dont know what the fuck I was thinking having all that damn hair on my head!!! lol. Ill look for the pic and post it. Its quite shocking when I see it. I think i was about 185 or so in that pic. I was in high school football at the time.

So thats a wrap for this post. I didnt want to ramble on for too long. Just wanted to concentrate on those few points. Like I said I could have mentioned the negatives but honestly there were not too many looking into ta new year and future you want to think positive so thats where I am going to go from here. So as I close this post I must get ready for my workout. Last one for 2012 and into 2013. Tomorrow I am doing a New Year Skydive with a group of friends. Sadly they will be tandem….hahahaa good to be licensed beotches!!! lol.

In closing I want to wish you all a Merry New Year, shameless Eddie Murphy joke, and continued success in whatever you choose to do in life. Remember, dont bask in the past and look far ahead in to the future. Don’t let what could have been haunt you. Move on with life and if you choose to have goals for the new year follow through with them. Never give up on them. I haven’t. For me my future will be living on the beach in California and seeing the world again by buses, trains, planes and motorcycle……

Much luck in 2013 with respect to that we leave behind in 2012……



One response to “2012: A Look Back & The Future for 2013

  1. I wish we all could stay young forever, sometimes the life is just to worth and that would be the best option. I did not know that you have Gout, but I am glad U managed to reduce the attacks. I workout at my home too, I have a similar equipment to Bowflex, and about 120 KG weights/metal plates. I hate to go to gym with other people, I see it as a waste of time. And if I go there, I would loose my motivation as well. I train over 10 years-my height/weight ratio is ideal, really fit in my years, so I am doing something right, right ??
    I really hope U set your goal, take it seriously and achieve it-it is really possible to do it. My advice is to train cardio with weights, do some jumping jacks, burpees … anything that gets your heart rate up, and makes U sweat, at least for 20-30 minutes per day, or 4x/week.
    about 1 month after the beginning of the New Year, I wish U happy 2013. too!!!

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