A Touching Story

My friend Amy made a video about her older sister who has a disability. I thought it was just a great lil video. She’s one of the many awesome Katycats I tend to interact with. lol Im still trying to figure out what the music is from. I know its a movie my mother likes but I just cant nail it! lol. Anyways, I think its awesome that these sisters stick together and are experiencing college together and that besides not being able to walk her sister can still do anything.

The idea of the video is to show people that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. She asked me to watch the video and well i did. I figured I would share their story because I also have some friends, The Bissells, who care for disabled children and ive seen for years how they care for them and its just amazing the sacrifice they make and how much they love those kids. Actually they aren’t even kids anymore. They are adults. Recently they brought in another child. A little girl. Rich and Cindy Bissell are two awesome people. Oh yeah i forgot to open the Xmas Card they sent me. Every year they send me a really awesome themed Xmas card. Ill post a pic.

Anyways, I wanted to share Amy’s story and The Bissells. Watch the video below to see Amy’s story and you can go to http://www.bissells.com to see about Rich and Cindy’s story. Eric and Anthony are grown up now. I remember years back when they was much younger and they would post pics and video to share with everyone. They still do. So check it out if you would like to see something inspiring!


One response to “A Touching Story

  1. wonderful story and video
    and after the video came another unexpected video from Katys performance, my speakers were almost maximum because of previous video enjoyable music, and I almost got an heart attack 8))) because the sound was like very loud white noise shshshshshshs aaaaa haha omg omg

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