Katy’s 2012 Comes to An End

camels, skydives, beaches and buildings

So 2012 is nearing the end. No the world isn’t going to end people! lol All that crap is stupid. Its gonna end but not in the next two weeks! lol On the other hand, our 2012 has come to an end. Its been a busy year for Katy. Finishing off the California Dreams Tour with shows in Indonesia and The Philippines in January. A trip to Chennai India….etc… The list goes on and on. Numerous trips to London, Paris, NYC…. Also hit up Miami, Toronto, Denver, Milwaukee, Vegas, Bali, Singapore, Japan, Australia, South America, etc. I’d say my passport was used more than Debbie was in Dallas! lol Appearances for the KP3D Premiere, perfume launch and private functions as well as Obama Election shows.

What better way to end a year of awesomeness than to jump out of a plane 5 times!! Im so glad I have a Go Pro Camera. Had it attached to my helmet and while everyone was logging their first jumps a few of the guys were logging their 2nd and 3rd. Still having to go tandem. Being that I am not a rockstar or dancer it was quite the nice feeling to have that little itty bitty bit of empowerment over my friends. Being licensed I was able to jump solo AFF not to mention its cheaper! lol. We did our jumps in Dubai of course. It was so awesome to jump out over the Persian Gulf and over the Palm Jumeira. You know the man-made piece of land that resembles a palm tree or to me a crab lol Of course the reason we were there was for the Closing Ceremony of the Skydiving Championship. Katy was to perform as well as Usher. Katy entered the performance attached to a pink parachute bearing her name. Yeah it was fucking cool. But was so glad to see the family skydive. See you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it! =)

Anyways, so after flying in I mainly just chilled at the hotel. Slept and then had some dinner and shit. Walked around, went to the beach… Went to the Burj Khalifa. Ok now let me explain this. It has been a dream for years to go to this building. It is the tallest building in the world. Before I had gone to Kuala Lumpur and been to the Petronas Towers which was the tallest building in the world for a period. had dinner on the 123rd floor and saw the amazing views from the observation deck high above. Ill be honest I kinda teared up a little bit. Its not everyday you get to see something as historic as this. Well for me at least. So it was an amazing short trip. Im just getting back from Dubai and quite jetlagged but it was worth the 17+ hour flight. Thank god it wasnt commercial! lol.

2012 was quite the amazing and crazy year for Katy. She suffered from sadness being alone from her divorce with Russell to meeting someone that makes her happy. Personally im not a fan of John Mayer but if he makes her happy then hey its great. Her happiness is what matters! Her movie Katy Perry Part of Me came out in July. On the 5th to be exact and even before then Katycats were invited to screenings of the movie for free. Some even lucky to attend the ones Katy attended. Just before the day of release she did a free show in Hollywood closing down the streets as we had a stage built right where all the stores are. It was amazing to see all the Katycats come out and the people who were just stuck in the middle lol. Katy also received numerous awards but most prestigious of them was being Billboard’s Woman of the Year. Not to mention receiving RIAA awards for 20 Million+ in sales and 5 #1 singles from one album. A feat no one had done since Michael Jackson.

Im pretty tired and I did want to post one more thing a friend sent me. It reminds me of my friends Richard and Cindy Bissell. ok So for now im out!



120MPH Freefall

120MPH Freefall


2 responses to “Katy’s 2012 Comes to An End

  1. when reading posts like this I wish I had a similar life as yours. U have done so many unique things people only see on TV, U traveled the globe across! U earn money -a good money- by the way! I am happy for u Gill!

    one thing: I really thought Katy Russell marriage was just a celebrity stunt, so they can earn money and get higher celebrity status & fame. I still dont believe it was true love. Maybe they were into each other, but such big stars with such big obligations- how is it supposed to work out?? Anyway, I wish her to find luck with some good person who loves her.

    Yeah 2012, end of world?? Neeeee, nada, niosta, nula, zero, nichts 8)))

  2. and when U gonna upload those videos from GoPro camera??? Do it sooner!! whole videos! I am into flying & jumping from completely working aeroplanes

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