Way Back in the Day…..Friday Night!

So its Friday night. Finally out of school for the week. The usual for me. Gonna lay around in my room and watch USA Up All Night movies. My parents bought me another 2 boxes of these personal size pizzas from the Schwans truck and I got some Coke so gonna be a relaxing night. Cola not the drug people lol. My friend Regan dropped me off after school today. We went cruising for a bit. We always jam to the Pearl Jam Ten album. Jeremy and Porch are two of the songs we all like in school. Normally when I get home I just throw my fucking books on the floor and chill out. Kinda hoping my friend Priscilla doesnt call me tonight. She works at Kroger part-time and tends to call me when she gets bored. Not dating her just a friend. Sometimes we found ourselves on the phone all night we fell asleep on the damn thing. So ive had my own phone line for about a year now. My parents spoil me lol. Got this simple phone from Radio Shack. I just put it down and its hung up lol. My parents are supposed to be going to Walmart soon to buy a new cordless phone so Ill probably get the old AT&T cordless we have in the living room.

IM so glad the cable company finally got rid of these old ass remotes. Used to be these brown corded boxes with a three-way selector switch for the channels. Of course I watch MTV all the time because they play alot of metal videos. Good ol’ channel 32. So i checked the TV Guide and it looks like Hamburger the Movie is coming on tonight and then Sixteen Candles. Probably will stay up late to watch Weird Science too. Yep this is my Friday night life! My friend Andy is over at his moms house this weekend and my friend Eric, his brother, is with his dad so its a slow quiet weekend. Might go for a cruise in the new car. We only have two. My mom drives the Toyota Corolla most of the time and the new car is a Pontiac Sunbird I think is what its called. Its blue and grey. Looks pretty damn sweet if you ask me. Maybe ill find a pic online and post if i find one like it. lol (after all this is me talking as if I was 17 again) The inside lights up red. So at night it looks cool as fuck. Almost tempted to roll out to Jack in the Box and grab some tacos but those fuckers never get my order right! Even if I just order 4 tacos!!! Sheesh!

Anyways, im about to go heat up a pizza or two and grab me a coke and some water. Got the TV already on. Be right back………

Ok Im back! They are showing Silk Stalkings right now. Cool ass show if you ask me. Then Hamburger The Movie comes on. Fucking love that movie man! Its so fucking funny! These idiots go to a fake college to learn how to cook hamburgers at a fast food restaurant. Dick Butkus comes out in it. There is this funny scene where the owner of the franchise is teaching them to say things to customers and he tells them…..”PUT THOSE COOKIES BACK…… MOTHER FUCKER!!” Its fucking funny. You really just have to see it! Later in the closing part of the movie they are training in a restaurant and this little girl goes up to the counter and tries to steal a pack of cookies on the sly. Then all the idiots stop what their doing and look at the little girl and say…… “PUT THOSE COOKIES BACK….MOTHER FUCKER!!!” LOL Then the little girl gets scared and walks away lol. Its funny. Kinda tempted to play my guitar but when i use the amp its kinda loud and my parents get mad. Well my dad doesnt really care but my mom does. Shit I guess I better take a shower. Its about 11:30pm. I remember when I used to hate taking showers. My bedroom is right next to the bathroom. Its so small but its all good. OH shit I just remembered I have a pack of Marlboro Reds. Might sneak out in a bit and smoke a cig. A few times I have opened my window and smoked outside. one time my dumbass jumped out my bedroom window and then i couoldnt get back in. Lol. Yeah im an idiot. I had to go to the garage and get a bucket to help prop me up so I could get back in. Kinda hard to do because I have to walk right past my parents room and you can hear me walking in the grass. Yikes!!

Oh shit! Just switched over to Skinemax and there is a soft porn on. Dude is totally fucking the shit out of this girl. I need a girlfriend damnit! I mean im 17 what the fuck am I supposed to do!! lol. Sometimes these Skinemax movies make me wonder. MOst of them are the same shit. Guy is married to a hot chick and they fuck alot. Then the woman cheats on him with another younger guy, usually the pool guy, and then later kills the husband. Another I saw the woman paid this younger girl to fuck her husband and later they killed him. In the end the the widow got the millions he had and she paid the girl a shitload of money for finishing the job. She handed the girl a huge envelope with the cash in it and they were both on some tropical island with younger guys. Of course ready to fuck again. These movies make me think that this is all women want to do…..marry us, take our money and fuck other men and blame it all on us!!! Really!!?!! (Sadly ive seen this shit happen in real life many times) Either way Skinemax has some interesting movies. Of course I love watching my sexy babe Kiki aka Kira Reed. Holy fucksticks shes hot. (actually met her many times now) Kiki always looks hot in her movies. She has dark hair with the blue/green eyes……OH my!! She actually is married to the guy she makes many of her movies with.

Guess this will be a slow weekend. Nothing really going on. My parents are off work so we probably will just chill out at the house. Might go to Marcos or Los Tios for some mexican food if my parents feel like it. We usually do on Friday or Saturday nights. Sundays we usually go to my grandmothers house to visit. My grandfather died a few years ago. I was a sophomore, grade 10. Usually my grandmother makes tortillas and refried beans. Simple snack food. Put the beans in the tortilla and munch away!! mmmmm goood stuff! My grandmother I remember used to use that big ass bucket of lard lol. Green and white. I think it was Armour brand or something like that. I remember when I was a kid she used to get the rectangular cheese in the foil. Basically its what we know as Velveeta cheese but in the hood we called it ghetto cheese or welfare cheese. Who cares that shit is good! lol. Cant wait for Xmas time. My grandmother usually makes tamales and she also has this special recipe for dressing. Its not like the traditional style most people eat. Its much different. You use gizzards and shit from the chicken. Its good you just have to trust me! lol.

Whoa. My beeper just went off. Its Priscilla. lol i bet she is checking to see if im awake so she can call me. Guess Ill just ignore it because I really dont feel like being on the phone all night. Last week I walked over to my friend Stacy’s house. We sat outside in her front yard. Thats normally all we do. She doesn’t like me like that but we are friends. She had asked me in school if I would come over because she wanted to hear me play some Richard Marx on guitar for her. I cant sing for shit but I played a few songs for her. Chicks dig dudes who can play a six string…..well some chicks…..others just roll their eyes at you totally uninterested!!

Guess thats about it for now. gonna finish watching tv and chill. My bed is so comfy and the sheets are so cold!!!! Yess! Oh fuck yes!! Friday the 13th flicks are coming on in about 20 minutes. Gotta love those cheesy fuck scenes where the people get killed! lol. ok so im out!!! Goodnight!!!


So what you just read above actually happened. I remember my teens like it was yesterday. That was a typical evening of my life. Of course back then we didnt have laptops and internet. Well they werent common household items that is. Especially in my house. My parents worked hard back then. My father worked for the Prison system and my mother for a grocery store. Far from the life of a rich kid but I had everything I wanted and was happy. Had my own room, cable tv and tv in my room, two guitars and two amps, my own stereo system and in my closet I still kept legos from when I was a kid because sometimes its fun to just pull out those damn things and build shit that didnt make sense. That was my life as a teenager. Sometimes I drove the car to school. I had to get up early to take my father to work. That was the deal. Take him to work and pick him up at 4pm from work. Which worked out well. We got out of school at 3:50pm everyday so i just left and went to get him. Wasnt too far. I mean back then gas was $.99 a gallon!!!

So anyways, hope you enjoyed reading that little excerpt of my youth. Ill probably do some more soon. Wont be in any chronological order. Ill just go by a particular day I remember. So below I will post some pics of things that I remember from that time in my life……Check em out!!! =)

Push_button_cable_boxhere is the old cable box I mentioned…lol

old car similar to one i hadLike the car I once used to have


One response to “Way Back in the Day…..Friday Night!

  1. You spoiled brat 8)) !!!

    But this was interesting, good read, different style of what U usually write. Yeah, the fuel prices were much much lower a decade and more ago. U used your telephone a lot! Kira Reed–have to check her out 8)) checked-saw her few times while acting 8))

    U really had very nice childhood, like U said-was everything in its place so one can develop as a teenager to an normal adult! I just wonder what todays kids will be like when they grow up, judging the way which things and situations they are all confronted with

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