so im sitting at home and getting texts about the AMAs. Then I get on Twitter and ppl are mad because Katy didnt make herself visible to the fans. Quickly I wanted to say that sometimes celebrities just dont want to be in the spotlight. You dont know what its like until you have people hovering over you and watching your every move. Sometimes a quiet entrance/exit is all people want. Have you ever seen a celeb out at a restaurant and tried talking to them? They get short with you. Well think about it. THey are eating and probably with family. They are not really in “lets be chatty cause your a fan” mode. Now some say they are celebs and they should always be available. Really? So if you was a celeb would you want strange people you dont know walking into your yard? Knocking on your door…etc? I think not.

Katy deserves her privacy just as do many others. Its their right to have that. Doesn’t matter how famous they are. OF course for me its different I been in this business since 1997 so for me meeting celebs is much different to the average person but yes sometimes celebs just want privacy and if you are all as true as fans as you say you are, then you can respect that. Would you rather not see your favorite celebrity or see them and have them tell you something like “get the fuck out of my face?” Some have said that before. Makes people hate them later but sometimes some have had enough and spoken their minds. Give em space and if you dont see them at an awards show then let it be and move on. As a fan many think their favorite artists owe them something constantly. They give you music to hear, concerts to see and such….they dont owe you anything more than that. In fact after all of that you owe them a bit of time to themselves. All the touring, appearances and such take their toll and its not easy if you think it is. Enjoy the shows and cheer on your fav celebs but dont get pissy about it…..


6 responses to “Awards

  1. ugh sometimes i feel like you’re always getting bombarded by silly people., and i don’t mean to say it in a bad way but i feel like you’re always being nipped at about celebrities! and sometimes in a bad way! i wish people would leave your private life alone!

  2. With great power comes great responsibility! if they don’t like it get a new job. You think i love going to kids parties and basically working? no but i deal with it because i choose to do what i do and you have to take the good with the bad…fans put them where they them their nice houses their fancy cars and able to afford that dinner out! so yea pardon me for not caring that they want privacy, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  3. there is a fine line between being famous and privacy. it doesnt matter who you are or how famous or how much of a loser you are everyone deserves to have time to themselves. there is a reason we have locks on our homes and on our vehicles. So people dont steal our shit and invade our privacy. if was ok for people to just pop into our lives when they so choose what would be the point of having things locked up? it would just be….hey your my biggest fan you say, sure come right into my home. there is my cat and thats my dog and hey thats where i fuck women. People make bands/celebs famous yes but look at it this way. a persons boss promotes you to vice president that doesnt mean you follow him around and watch what he does and sneak around his/her home. its disrespectful. sure out in public its one thing but when people start trying to break onto a persons property thats taking it too far. Most fans dont understand this because they dont have people breathing down their necks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It gets old. while it is nice to have people screaming for you it does get old and its not always welcome. If Michelle Obama was at the hospital giving birth thats a private matter. no cameras need to be there. no democratic supporters need to be there. im sorry if some people dont agree with my views on privacy but let me go find a few creepy people and let them follow you around all day and night. camp out where you live, hide behind your car, sneak pictures into your room/window….for the exhibitionist they would welcome that. most dont. i’d break someones camera. like i said ive heard people tell fans to fuck off. some people just dont know the fine line between being a fan and harassing. like with Rush. Back years ago Neil Peart finished the show and ran from the stage to his tour bus and once inside he found some strange fan inside his bus holding a stack of albums and bugging him to sign them for him. Neil told him to get out. the man refused. Neil told him again. GET OUT. He still refused. He doesn’t like to get mean but this man was totally trespassing and invading his personal space. No telling what he did in there or might have taken. So Neil told him GET THE FUCK OUT! His bodyguard entered the bus and escorted the man off. Thats clearly not ok. This man could have been a killer.

    Look at what happened to Dimebag Darrell. He was murdered beacause of an irrate fan. Security didnt check people well enough and this guy got in with a gun and killed people. See, celebs dont know what kind of people are out there. THey can be nice and then flip the fuck out the next. The other day a friend of mine told me that the father of her son tried to get her to have sex with him when she is clearly married and is disgusted by this guy yet he tried to get some ass anyway. She didnt even think he would try that but he did. People are unpredictable thus this is why privacy must be respected. Like I say in a public forum like an awards show and such its expected for celebs to interact with fans in some capacity but in a private setting you have to weigh the situation out. If they look happy its probably ok to say hi. If they are trying to hide themselves its probably best to just let them be. If you make a shit fit over seeing Brad Pitt what do you think is going to happen? 2000 people are going to flock to him. Like I say its a welcome feeling sometimes but not always especially if that person is without person security. If i was a celeb and some girl made a shit fit about seeing me and 200 people ran up to me asking for pics and autographs any of those people could stab me, shoot me, or whatever…..then run off and no one would know who it was….why? Because of the large crowd. So if you have never experienced it you cant really say its perfectly ok for fans to just butt into a celebs life whenever they feel its fine for them. Ive been in this business for too long and ive seen people that are legendary. I dont go…..HOLY SHIT ITS YOU…..OH MAN YOUR LIKE THE FUCKING GOD OF MUSIC….CAN I TAKE A PIC WITH YOU AND WILL YOU SIGN MY SHIT…..nope. I offer a handshake or just say Hi “name” how you doing and if they talk cool…if they dont…oh well.

    im not being sociable these days hence why i blog but dont respond on facebook or anything else unless its a close personal friend or family. just been busy, traveling, working and stuff. as things slow up i might be more active in the social dept but for now im just laying low. its better for me because im not hooked to those damn apps!! lol

    • and here i thought you didn’t love me anymore :p well i am happy to hear you are well you have been silent for far to long. i don’t use social media i like my life to be a mystery for people to actually talk to ME about lol. but i do check up on your blog to make sure you are doing well 🙂

      • Thanx! its just the holiday so i get in a not so wonderful mood. in fact i have a blog i want to post but i have to write it. its about the holidays. Thanksgiving was great but Xmas holiday is coming up and its just not the same anymore for me. Lots of reasons.

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