A Good Deed

im sitting here and I just typed a fucking book in response to a friends blog lol. I always value a friends need for answers when it comes to life and love. Im not a doctor but I try to give the best possible advice and answers I can. Get me going and the end result is what I just finished typing. Sometimes I repeat myself and it takes me longer to get to the point and im sorry for that but I always mean well when others ask me questions that boggle their minds.

Sometimes I wish I had all the answers but I don’t. It keeps me in suspense and sometimes it makes me upset. Ive managed to let feelings for an ex-girlfriend go but some still linger. Why? Because I care. Why do I always spend so much time answering questions? I guess because I hope that the person will get something good out of what I have to say either from my own personal experiences or by example. Ive tried talking to friends about their personal struggles. Many just hear me out and ignore me. Others eventually take note of my words and find that some of makes sense to them after all.

I dont know why i value helping people so much. Or trying to at least but I do mean well and I try to put prejudices (not racial) aside and not answer with such a biased answer. I hope this female friend finds something good of the book I wrote on her blog. In closing of this short blog I realized I am just a few post away from achieving a goal on WordPress. Sweet! Oh and enjoy this little tidbit of a pic. Its me as a Peanuts Comic Character! Good Grief!! lol Complete with my hat, hockey stick and Katy Perry glasses lol. enjoy the laugh commrades!

Me as a Peanuts Character


One response to “A Good Deed

  1. I understand you well

    or it can be analyzed like this: U need help OR U go over your feelings by helping others OR … many things.

    Whatever the reason is… I hope they understand good advices given by U

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