Halloween Drivers

You all know by now I have NO kids. Not one. unless you call my cats kids then i have 8 now lol ok ok lets get serious. Im watching the news and already reports of accidents are already hitting the news. I have mixed reviews on this and those with kids surely wont agree with me but here are my views on this!

Halloween is that one time of the year where people young and old dress up in outragous costumes to get candy and well for adults to win contests and for fun. Well I was in a beaver costume on the 19th lol. Yeah yeah. LOL So im reading comments about the accidents on the news websites and people are blaming the drivers immediately. Remember the entire story is not even known yet! First off how are you going to entirely blame the drivers? Kids really have no sense of shit! Seriously. How many times have you been outside with your kid and they dart out on the road chasing after a cat or dog or a ball or just because??!?! Im sure many times. Kids dont give a fuck becuase they dont know any better. Its the parents responsibility to watch their kids and especially on a holiday like Halloween they should be extra careful. Now its no excuse for anything but some peeople dont have kids and really dont pay attention for large numbers of kids on the roads because these days you dont even see kids on the streets anymore thanks to video games, TVs and ishit phones. Your probably ready to slap the shit out of me but the truth is……..the streets are for vehicles not kids!!! Period!!

First off if your going to let your kids go trick or treating then the first thing should be…….YOU GOING WITH THEM AND HOLDING THEIR HANDS!!! Yes, holding their hands the entire time. They wont like it but so what. When i dated my exgf and her son was with us he always had to hold our hands when we went on the streets or crossed a street/store parking lot. I mean thats just common sense. Kids run like the world is going to end if you dont watch them. So yes these fucktard parents should be holding their kids hands.

Second, you should have protective clothing on your child like reflective clothing or anything that can be seen by drivers. Just like a person who rides a bike and has reflectors on it yes a child should have reflective clothing.

Third, flashlights! yes you can get em cheap at the dollar store and have the kids use them the ENTIRE time they are on the road so drivers can see their lights. Better yet have them wear some sort of light around their necks or something. Of course you should be holding your kids hand anyways but most dont.

Fourth, teach your kids some common fucking sense! you know….THIS IS A CAR….IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT HITS YOU!!! LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET!!! You know shit like that. Of course if your kid isnt even in junior high yet then he or she shouldnt be crossing the street alone anyways.

YOu know some people just shouldnt be parents at all. Seriously some people just became parents because they got knocked up and even now as their kids are older they dont give a shit. Now im not talking about the parents that had kids young and raised their kids well because I know plenty that have done so. Im talking about these parents that have kids to get the WIC government assistance. Some parents really dont give a flying fuck about doing shit for/with their kids. So im sure to many taking their kids out for Halloween trick or treating was such a god awful task! Im not saying that the kids deserve to be hurt. I dont have kids but I dont want to see kids getting hurt. Its the parents in many situations that just dont seem to pay enough attention.

Here is my scenario tonight. I was out heading to grab something to eat after my workout and I knew the roads would be flooded with kids so yes I drove slower and with caution. A kid in a lion outfit darted out in front of my car and I was able to stop of course because I wasnt going very fast and the parent was texting on her phone while her kid was running out into the street unassisted!!! Really?!?!? This is the world we live in today!! Put the mother fucking phone down woman and watch your child bitch! She gave me a dirty look. I rolled my window down and yelled out, “get off the damn phone and watch your kids” She didnt like that but hey come on!!! Your the parent not me. Im doing my part by driving safely and looking out for the safety of her kid and others. There was a car behind me that passed me up while the same road was full of kids. Where was all the anger for that driver? I was going about 20 and this guy ahd to be going about 50 or 60 in a residential area. You know these people with souped up cars. They feel they must always go fast.

So dont be blaming the drivers until you know the entire truth. Some people out there are obeying the laws and keeping a close eye on the streets for your varmints.Be a parent and watch and escort your kid rather than just walking around bored with them as they get their candy. I mean technically they shouldnt be eating candy to begin with. Oh lord!!! Kids + candy = HOLY SHIT THEIR INSANE!!! Yeah kids just dont need to be eating candy. i give kudos to the people who really parent their kids rather than those that try to be their best friends. Dont have kids if you dont want to deal with them! Simple! I seriously doubt taking them out for an hour or two will kill you. Today there is DVR and Netflix as well as Hulu so you can catch your godforsaken shit reality shows at another time. Like now im about to watch Raising Hope and Revenge because I missed them. Oh and New Girl. I guess for some though pushing a button on a remote is too much work just like holding their kids hands! Wow what a shame.

I saw parents earlier who were very involved with their kids! Thats the way it should be. Older kids know how to cross the streets but dont always pay attention but little kids even in groups dont know right from wrong. They just see candy in their little brains. Kudos to those parents who were involved with their kids. Holding their hands and making sure they cross safely. You know in neighborhoods many people say they have a close knit relationship with others in the area. So why not get together with each other and maybe find a volunteer(s) to monitor the roads while the kids are out? Think people!!! Earlier I saw a young guy who got in the middle of the road and slowed traffic down as a large group of people crossed. Pretty ballsy thing to do because some people would just say fuck that guy but he slowed down the traffic and those people crossed safely. Work together man!

Of course its not just the pedestrians responsibility its also the drivers to know that they must watch out for people. Using their headlights. not texting or making calls and turn the music down!! Like me, I listen mostly to classical music when I am in residential areas. If I am on the freeway ill jam my Rush music. Sometimes I dont listen to the radio at all.

Ok so thats all. lol. ill write more later.


One response to “Halloween Drivers

  1. kids have no sense for any shit 8))
    people have sidewalks to walk on, no streets crossing until it green light. I dont believe kids know this shit either, because they arent thought by their parents.
    Is it right to say: fucktard parents = fucktard kids?
    Slap kid few times and say: cars slap harder then me, much much harder 8)) Better to educationally slap a kid then to loose it in a accident.
    Some people should be castrated just not to get kids 8)) not possible, but would be fine. Ok, not so fine, but some people are plain stupid and so their stupidity affects innocent kids.
    >Fuck that bitch who gave U that look, she is guilty as sin. Even if someone kills her kid, she wont learn anything form that. Thats the saddest about it- the kids are victims because of their retarded parents.

    One possible reason U Gill dont have kids is that U know 100% what it takes to be good parent, but U think that with your lifestyle could not give the best of U for your child. And there are many other factors that affect the way someones kid develops- real responsible parent like U would be is aware that U cant affect all those factors.

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