Windows 8; Is It Worth It?

Now most of you that follow me or know me personally know that I am not an Apple whore. I respectfully am a “PC” user and will continue to be. Ive been using Windows 7 since its inception. Before that I mainly used Windows XP and for a short time Vista which I didnt really like its buggy UI. Now we are upon yet another Windows release this Friday Oct 26, 2012 for Windows 8. The newest OS version for Microsoft.

So the purpose of this post? Well its simple. Just read the title again. Is it worth it? Like I said, I have been using Windows products for years and I still continue to do so. Earlier this year I took part in testing the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I decided what the hell and upgraded my current Windows 7 build to the new platform. The downfall? You have to backup everything JUST IN CASE you have problems. Not really an issue with me. I tend to backup my files quite often. In my case it was easy. I downloaded the Consumer Preview and it ran a test to make sure my system could handle the new version. I passed with flying colors. AMD Phenom X4 Proc running currently 8GB of RAM was no issue for the software. So I decided to install or rather upgrade my existing 7 to the new build since I had already done a backup. I normally have two hard drives in my system so backing up is quite simple. What takes forever……backing up my HUGE library of movies and music. About 100 GB of movies and 24 GB of music. The install didnt take long at all. Basically it just replaced the UI with the new one and all my features and settings were saved.

So I booted up to the new W8 and in the beginning I was like….. “WHOA THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!” Well the tile screen is pretty cool. Most might not like it especially the Apple whores but I could dig it. Basically in a nutshell what W8 is is an updated GUI to W7. When you boot up you are taken to the lock screen. From here you click on the screen or swipe up on the touchscreen monitor if you have one. Also assuming you have already gone through the basic setup processes you normally see when first booting a new system. Everything is custom to your taste. I wont go into too much detail. When you click the desktop tile you are taken to your desktop which looks just as Windows 7. The tile screen or home screen is nifty if you have hotmail. You can also set up other accounts if I remember correctly. The weather tile is neat. YOu can enter which cities you want to view and it will animate them quite nicely. Same with sports. Just choose your favorite teams!

Ok so as I said I didnt want to go into much detail about W8 because you can just go to and see for yourself what it does. Or check out You Tube. Here is my thoughts on the new OS. I like it but if you are looking for a huge change in the looks of W7 to W8 your not going to get much change except for the tile home screen. The desktop still displays as W7 style. You can still change your colors and wallpapers and screensavers. So not too bad eh? lol. The BIGGEST difference I think people will notice is the interface for the tiles to be honest. The kicker is….if you dont have a touch screen monitor display then you aren’t going to get much out of the new Windows version! Period! Ever notice when you go out to eat or to a bar and the waiters/waitresses use a touch screen to enter your orders? Thats basically Windows 8 tile screen. Sure you can do plenty with a touch screen display but if your still clicking a mouse to navigate through windows and tasks then this is not the version for you. Its to me a waste of money to upgrade or purchase the software and do a clean install simply to get the tile interface when the desktop still looks like W7.

I figure this will not be a prime seller for Microsoft. I think most people prefer Windows XP and many are getting used to Windows 7. I tell people all the time that if they want to upgrade from XP then they will need a computer with a much faster processor and much more memory. 1 or 2GB of RAM is not feasible for 7. W8 will require just as much or more RAM. So keep in mind that if you are running a much older computer then don’t even bother trying to run W7 or w8. That is the reason you are complaining about the software now because your hardware doesnt meet up to the demands. ALso, when you buy a system keep in mind that the parts used by these manufacturers can and will go defective! I really suggest having an external hard drive of some sort to save ALL of your files. Or just use a flash USB drive. You can get them fairly cheap nowadays. Partition your hard drive to a system partition and then another for data. I always know how much I need because I use the same programs all the time. In fact I keep a clone of my OS on another hard drive so that when I want to do a clean install all I have to do is copying my backed up files to the clean install after I clone it. Makes it so much easier. I just dont see this as a huge seller for Microsoft. Sorry guys love your software but this isnt the direction Microsoft should be taking.

I dont like Apple but lets face it, Steve Jobs knew where to take his company. Its one reason they have such flagship products. We are talking computers here though not phones or tablets. Apple’s MAC OS is nice. In fact if I was to actually use any Apple product it would be A MAC not one of their phones. Their OS is smooth and sleek and in geek terms….sexy! lol. Its not bogged down with lots of crap. Very basic look and feel. In the end people want something that will produce for them rather than crash or freeze. Now as a Windows user I dont get viruses or freezes. I also don’t run virus software. Then again each of us has different web surfing habits. For one I dont view much porn. Sure Im a guy I see a pair of tits sometimes. If I didnt i’d be worried about myself eh? lol. I can get real ass if I want it. LOL. What im getting at though is that Microsoft should really look into making a sleek OS like MAC. Not clone it but make one that is sleek and easier on a CPU and doesn’t take 3 minutes to shutdown. Come on lets face it….many of you complain that your system takes 3 minutes to shutdown. Mine running Windows 7 Ultimate takes about 10 seconds and its off. lol. MACs are quick. You shutdown and it says…..ok board we are shutting the fuck down ZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz! No seriously they are off quick! Another feature that MAC has won over the PC is the charger. the Magnetic charging unit is sweet. No plugging shit in and it getting loose. Just let it magnetize to the laptop and bam your off and charging. So yes Microsoft needs to really re-invent their products in an entirely new way.

In the years since Microsoft came out with the Xbox Gaming Console I believe that they concentrate more on the gaming aspect of business rather than the productivity side. Many businesses still use Windows based server setups but many are converting to MAC. They need to really concentrate more on the OS platform and let the Xbox junkies do their thang. Microsoft lost quite a bit of credibility when they released Windows Vista to a much annoyed legion of users. It was buggy and just slow. 7 was a huge update to that and I love 7 but they need to really concentrate more on the OS and let the Xbox team do their work. I’d like to sit here and say I am still using Windows 8 but I am not. Your probably asking why or your saying BWHAAHAHAHAAHA. The reason I am not running the Consumer Build is because of just that. It is a Consumer Build and it does expire. I mean you know they want you to actually BUY the software lol. So I just decided to revert back to 7 and do a clean install. Or else I would have kept 8 running. I also do not have a touch screen display so you can see where that would not be fun. At the same time I wouldnt really want to have a touch screen display anyways. I hate little bits of dust and fingerprints on my monitor now so why would I want to spend hours touching my screen and filling it full of fingerprints and oil?!?

So bottom line….if you want the new look and have a touch screen display then by all means you will enjoy the new Windows 8. Believe me there are so many other awesome new features in it. You just have to watch the videos to discover them all. I mean if your going to spend your hard earned money on something you want to review it first right? So check out the videos. If you don’t care for the new look then stick with XP or 7. If your on Vista please man upgrade to 7 at least though. Get away form that slow shit. OH and upgrade your computer memory and shit! Also bear in mind the hard drive is most likely one of the slower models. You can upgrade to a faster RPM hard drive or just go to the new standard of today….solid state drives! They are expensive though but worth the cost!

So Windows users make your decision wisely……


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