Politics Can Suck It…..

Politics…..The time of the year when the race for the White House annoys the fuck out of me. Republicans….Democrats….Whats the big fucking difference? All politicians are crooks who really only care for their own kind. Right now the Republicans are blaming Obama for everything. Really? Really? How the fuck are you going to blame Obama for the National Deficit? It was created by Alexander Hamilton way back in the day before any of us were born. Each President since has contributed to it. So how does that make Obama responsible for that? It doesn’t. President Obama inherited all the shit from our last President, George W Bush.

Presidents promise to make things better for the American people. Now im sure that many do try in some ways to make this a more economic stimulant country to live in but the real problems lies with the politican parties today. At the moment we have a Democratic President with a Congress full of Republicans. That doesn’t sit well with them. Everything Obama tries to pass gets shit on because the Republicans don’t want to pass anything. Obama has to rely on vetos. If the table was turned it would be the same shit just a different party running the country. truthfully Republicans have a belief that they are the superior party and that their politican beliefs are what is best for this country. Really?

If these parties would stop fucking bickering with each other and start coming to terms and agreements with these bills they could actually accomplish something rather than fighting over who is better. its a power trip to be honest. Each party wants to be in total control of our government. Its pathetic. I dont really consider myself following any candidate at all. I say let the current President do what he can but for fucking God sake give the man some help. Stop trying to make him look bad by raising prices on oil and commodities. Get over your fucking selves Republicans and work with the man. This isn’t the 19th century Civil War but in many ways thats exactly what it is. Its a fight for political power. Already these Congressmen/women get all kinds of benefits. I mean we pay for them to go to lavish spas and gyms. We pay for their fuel. We pay for their meals and yet these mother fuckers have the audacity to give themselves fucking raises every session. Mother fuckers how about helping out society! Give the poor man some help. Have states raise their minimum wages. Of course it wont happen because the government gives breaks to these huge corporations and they return the favor in many ways. All the while the poor people stay poor and can’t ever get a chance to prosper because of our government.

I don’t care to vote. Like my vote really counts. Like it really means anything. We have something called Democracy in our country but to me it doesn’t seem to be truthful anymore. It doesnt matter what happens when a new President is elected. That person will do as they please and it has no bearing on what I have to say. Every year taxes go up. Our national debt goes up. What stays the same? a person’s pay. Doesn’t sound very fair does it? Nope….


One response to “Politics Can Suck It…..

  1. politics DO suck, they are all greedy liars. It all said by this sentence. I did NOT vote this time in my country, did not have anyone to vote for, a good or average option/candidate.

    Someone said: if voting changed anything, they would ban it 8)))

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