Random Shit….

there are plenty of them but the most common name that i hear constantly is A M Y. lol. seriously. i must know like 5 or 6 Amy’s. Kinda creepy eh? lol. My name is NOT common at all. Thats fine ill stick with it! lol.

Im really hooked on the Naked drinks but shit $2.99 a bottle is insane lol.

I want to see Taken 2. “I will find you and I will kill you.” epic movie line!

It sucks that hockey (NHL) is still on hiatus but thank goodness the AHL has started! Go Monarchs and Aeros!

Carmageddon 2 already happened in LA. I still have my Carmageddon shirt with the 405 logo lol.

One Direction sux balls. They are not the next Beatles! just sayin

I want more ink….(tattoos)

Im thinking of getting some more Arabic or Japanese Kanji tatts

Just realized that I missed the Friday show on Playboy Radio…eh…i have no sense of scheduling these days unless its KP related lol

Fiber pills…..wow what a difference they make. just saying…take em if you dont get enough fiber….

NYC bound…yeah yeah i kinda thought it was nearly done traveling but the world of pop singers never ends lol. Beacon Theatre see you soon

The view from 30 Rock at night is amazeballs

Uhhh wow i just realized i sound like a teenager on the above statement lol

Canadian’s have Thanksgiving before we do

What if 6 was 9. (its a song by Hendrix im listening to)

I hope the Houston Texans all get hospitalized because they suck. FUCK THE TEXANS

come to think of it….Fuck the NFL

just discovered Google Drive and realized that in 2009 i saved shit to it and never knew…wow

im hooked on MLB WGT Baseball the game.

Facebook still sucks as do the idiots who comment shit on my stuff.

had lunch at Burger Kang, yes I said Kang with a friend and they have the new touchscreen Coke Machine! sweet! I remember them in Japan

WTF was i thinking having lunch at the Kang? its ok all i had was a sprite zero and an order of fries. i dont like their burgers.

I could go for a Pumpkin Spice Latte right now but Starbucks is being a bitch and they are out. Why do you have to be such hoarders white folks?!? lol

I paid it forward at Starbucks earlier and the cunt behind me didnt even say thanks. Wow the shitty attitude of some people when you do something nice.

Starbucks never gets my name right on the cup….Gilli, Gily, Gi, Goijoijgwegoij (they didnt know the rest so scribbled), etc….its not that hard….G I L L! or G I L.

Maybe i should say my name is Kalunda to see how they spell it! LOL.

In WeHo the girl at the Starbucks put Gilly Perry….really? guess she was being cute becuse she noticed my tattoos and giggled when she gave it to me lol….hey that was pretty cool yet odd

John Mayer is toast! Ill give him a last booty call…my foot up his ass. told ya you would be out of the way fucker!

My life is full of crazy shit and people

Fans are nuts! Katycats are insane! lol

I hate smartasses that treat crew like shit. (it wont get you a pass) lol

If you know Katy personally then where in the fuck is your name on the list and your pass?

No I will not do favors for you.

Sorry just a few bullshit things I get asked and such.

Why does every fan think I OWE them something?

I could go for Red Robin right about now!

My wallpaper on my two monitors is an awesome pic I took in Lake Tahoe. Makes me wish i was there now sitting by the water in the woods chillin….

Got some awesome LA Dodgers and LA Kings gear to wear for the winter! Early birthday presents?!? got a Johnathan Quick Stanley Cup Jersey!! Fuck yeah. Also got a Andre Either Jersey and a Kemp BP Jersey with a Dodgers hoodie. might wear that more often soon

Can you tell im bored as shit?

Sorry this isnt a real blog but hey its just random shit on my mind.

Ok ill shut up now!

Catch ya later!


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