My Absence & The Overseas Fiasco….

Recently I decided to enable my two Facebook pages again yet I dont post on them. In fact I only posted a few comments and thats it. I even wiped out my profile pic on one of them. Ive always had one account for everyone and the other for more personal pictures and such. Like family and personal friends. I added a few of the online friends to the personal one and i’d say it was a mistake. Now I know I am one to argue and say funny insane shit but really some people need to act their age.

On the trip to Rio I posted a few pics. I think one from Bogota and the other arriving in Rio at night. A shot for the plane. Then I quit. People saying immature shit and frankly it pisses me off. This is the very reason I created a personal account. To get away from the bullshit comments and allow my friends and family to see into my life of travel without the shit. Yet these few folks still brought it upon themselves to do so. My only recourse was to just quit facebook and go away which I did. I still am. I do not go there to look at posts or comment. I only commented that one time because I was on there and reading some notifications I guess I had since I shut it down.

I had requests from people who wanted to see my newest tattoos that they had not seen. THe peppermint and strawberry. Now my stance on this is quite firm. Its my fucking body and ill put on it what I want. To me tattoos are art and if I choose to put art on my body its my business and no one elses. So some of these people were talking shit. Calling it gay. Calling me gay. Saying im immature and much more. Really!?!? Gay? Define gay. Sure im gay. Gay means happy fuckers. Its the ignorant assholes/bitches that automatically assume it refers to homosexuals. I have plenty of homosexual friends and I have no issues with them. Great people. So what. So my tattoos are gay because they dont agree to your standards? suck my fat cock. Ill say this….Everyone one of those people who had something to say dont even have a tattoo themselves. So how in the fuck are you going to criticize me for something you have never done yourself? So now im immature? Really? Well to an extent yes I am but thats just me. I am a funny fucker and I speak my mind. I also make 6 figures a year. Immature? Maybe but who’s banking bitches? Im not bragging but im getting my shit done and taking care of business so YES i have every right to be as mature or immature as I want. Frankly I think some people just look to degrade others to make themselves feel better. I cant say I never have done so because I know I have but I do see myself as much different these days.

People besides criticizing my tattoos were also talking shit about the reason for them. Lets just say this…..I have tattoos bearing bands logos. Why? Because those people have meant something to me in my life. KP is no different. She’s the most awesome gal. I have enjoyed all the time ive spent working and traveling. Thats why I have a peppermint and strawberry tattoo. People get tattoos for all kinds of meanings. One day when my mother and father are gone ill get tattoos in memory of them. I even thought of getting an airborne patch tattoo in memory of my grandfather from his Korean war days. i dont know…..But its my body and ill put on it whatever I choose.

I still keep quiet these days. Many have texted me or called and I havent returned their messages. Im sorry. Really. I just need time for me! Ill write back or something soon im sure. I mean I am taking the time to actually post on here so that must mean something! lol. I still dont care to be an active part of facebook anymore. maybe one day I will but for now I cant. The only reason I get on there is to play WGT Baseball. Im hooked on that game. lol. So if your my facebook friend you probably read the open letter I had a friend post on there about my recent feelings which basically is what ive said here. If not then well here is the memo! lol.

I guess I should shut up now because I need to go cut my hair and I need to go for my jog. OOOOOOOOOOH ok ill add one more bit. While I was in Singapore I got sick. REAL SICK! Ok I believe its because of something I ate. At first I thought it was because of a bad UTI infection. Well technically i did have some bacteria in my body because they ran a test and it said I had low but elevated levels of leucocytes or white blood cells but not too high. They gave me some antibiotics to help kill the infection. No purines or proteins. So thats good. They also said no kidney stones. I thought I had them. So after getting the meds for the UTI I was like YESSSS I feel better. Then BAM……pain again. I realized that something else was wrong. So I went back to the ER and this time was diagnosed with IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or in other words……waste evacuation was on strike!!! LOL. So they gave me meds for that and the doc said…..oh boy you are full of medical issues! lol. i was like yeah yeah lol. SO after that I took the meds as well as the shit they gave me there. Within 4 hours or so I was cured. Its kinda gross to even mention farts and taking a dump but lets just say the relief was better than sex!!! Ok well almost! lol. Thats the last time I eat shit in Bali and Singapore! lol. JK.

So thats that. I’d post a cool pic but im too lazy to transfer my pics from my phone to my PC so for now no pic for you to gawk at. Maybe later lol. Ok im out. I gotta cut my hair. Looks like I have a rug on my head! That is esta no bueno!! lol

Peace out for now!

oh and GO DODGERS!!!!!



2 responses to “My Absence & The Overseas Fiasco….

  1. Oooh man, it is good to hear from U again. I knew U was overseas and that U had some disease, now I get the explanation. I noticed that U arent presetn on FB anymore, but I knew U had some work to do-maybe U just did not have any time to catch up with updating.

    Now I understand the reason is different. I understand that U can get tired of hearing all people of how immature your actions are-as U said it is your body, U can tattoo a cock on it, and it would be your decision. U never cared what others think, U did your thing your whole life, why to stop now. It can be boring adn exhausting to read stupid comments, but simply turn the account off-like U did-and all problems are solved. U do things U like-WHY?- because U fucking earn the money for yourself. Who is gonna tell U to do somethings with your life. If the tattoos are your way to express/remember the feelings/meaning for some events in your life-so let it be!

    I would not like to loose you as a friend, even if I hear every once in a while from U, I would not like to miss U-and I missed your Facebook updates in last months. In a period of my life-U & Eva from Slovenia were my only friends, and there will always be a maggot inside me, that crazy energetic Slipknot vibe we felt then. We can change outside, do different things, but some things/music/events shaped us like a person, and left lasting impressions on who we are.

    Whatever U do, like deleting your FB account, just dont delete this wordpress blog, I visit it every day, check if there is something new. I am glad U updated it after such long period. Nice to hear that U are better again. U must have eaten something gross 8)) so U had that microbes/bacteria in your body. Shiting better then sex hahaha yeah sure 8)))

  2. I got ivy up my leg and a bullseye on my back and a compass on my arm, two lip rings and a nose ring. screw what ppl think i love my body and and all the beautiful things i have added to it… i tell people all the time if they don’t like them don’t LOOK!

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