Packed & Ready for Rio

yeah thats all i wanted to say. wait i forgot to wash my boxers lol glad i still have tomorrow to do last minute laundry.

ok so thats it. Just been sitting here listening to SirusXM. Mostly 80s and 90s stuff and some comedy. Was listening to Spice radio earlier and they have a show called All Wives Cheat! lol. Hey im keeping my mouth shut on this! hahahaha. All im gonna say is that ive been a bad boy at times….lol

so i got this cool bag in the mail the other day. its a potato/corn bag. you can put either inside the bag and put in the microwave and in a few minutes awesome tasting potatoes and corn. Since I almost became an Aggie well i got the Aggie one. yeah yeah my longhorn friend im sorry LOL.

so ill leave you with a pic of the bag and one that well, is just too funny to not post. Grandma Ann at the movies watching KP3D.


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