…so i finally went over 70,000 views. not really a big deal considering i been doing this for a few years but hell its all good.

Thanks to all those that actually come here and read the shit i post!

UPDATE: so whats new? not much really. Here is a list of shiznit on my mind lol

I cant wait for hockey season.
Im a new fan of MLB…of course the Dodgers and Angels. lol.
I have 107 bucks to pay for a traffic ticket this friday lol.
I just forgot my cell phone payment was due…so i paid it…grrr bills
One of my new favorite songs is The Seagull. Hear Tony McManus play it on YouTube
Texting with your boss all night drains a perfectly good battery grrrrr lol
I need to get a display case for all these hockey pucks
I need to clean out my closet.
OOOOOOOOOOH I need cat food aka Whiskas
IM hungry. VERY HUNGRY. (got an olive garden gift card! hint hint)
I need to go return some shit that was too big for me
Everytime I type one of these lines my phone buzzes a new text. geez!!
Im not ashamed to say I love Katheryn Hudson and I wear her tour tatt proudly.
I might get the Strawberry tatt too…yeah yeah hush fools. there was agreeance on this lol
I need new shorts…all mine fit loose as shit
I bought 4 cases of water last night and realized i have no where to put them…joy!
Now that I have two monitors I couldnt imagine going back to one!
You can pre-order Part of Me in HD for $20.00 on iTunes…sorry shameless plug
I guess I should get dressed now and go run these errands.
ooooooooooh i need to return these Redbox movies.
The RED paint on the pavement/curve at Redbox locations is NOT I REPEAT NOT Redbox parking you lazy mother fuckers! Park in a designated spot! Sheesh! No wonder some ppl look like they do!


One response to “Whoa!

  1. Congratulations, Gill!! A dozen of those views are my visits 8))) After so many years, this blog still exist, something to proud of.

    Is having two monitors really that good?? I have a laptop for now, had a desktop, but replaced it with modern laptop-really much faster.

    Do you know whats going on here-I finished medical university-now I am officially a doctor 8))))

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