So I Got New Ink & Pepperminty Touch Up

So yes I have been once again tattooed. This time Arabic text. Its simply put… name!

Yes im sure of what it says. A good friend that is from Afghanistan and another I went to school with who is married to a Middle Eastern man and home schools her children both gave me the same design.

So anyways, I also got the Peppermint color touched up. Looks much better now. I still want to get some stuff added to it. It will be themed to appear as it is moving as Katy is always on the go so it will represent that.

Ok so here are a few pics of them.

Im out for now. In a pissy mood because the Dodgers once again lost 5-3. grrrrr. lol

My Name in Arabic

CDT Tattoo touched up


One response to “So I Got New Ink & Pepperminty Touch Up

  1. hey,man I saw that Facebook too. Your name looks very interesting and good in that language, somehow artistic too. And it is good to be sure that it is really your name, and not some funny word 8))) like …… hahahaha better not to start with possible meanings

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