Katy Perry’s Part of Me Premiere in West Hollywood a Success!

Nearly 5000+ people lined the street of Hollywood Blvd and even packed stores up above the street like Sephora just to get a view of Katy as she performed many of her hits including Wide Awake. The entire family was there on the red….oh wait….we are talking Miss Meow here…PINK carpet lol. Her parents Keith and Mary, Grandma Ann, Sister Angela and hubby and David. The stage was set up right next to the Dolby Theatre.

What I found quite funny was teh number of people NOT screaming. Of course there were the screaming tweens and teens that adore her but many were just standing there watching. Quite odd though considering how many of the fans had to turn in registration tickets to get admittance to the free show and screening yet there were tourists there who claimed, “we dont even know who Katy Perry is.” LOL. Of course the most annoying part of the entire evening was…..ijustine. Yeah she is a pretty chick but why get HER to introduce Katy Perry? There was nothing about the show that is icrap apple soooo…..WEll thanx for that one sponsors. lol. I would have much rather seen Misty Kingma the host of Countdown LA do the honors.

The streets were lined with many KatyCats….mostly young teen girls and many of them dressed in their own Katy costumes. Very talented girls who made them too. In the world of Katy, you dont call her fans….fans….They like to be referred to as KatyCats. Dont insult them. They are talented gals! One that comes to mind is a girl named Carly. Not only did she make a great costume of Katy’s Kisses but she also in many ways resembles Katy. Katy even has told her, “your my twin.” So the KatyCats had a great time. Free concert…..free screening and for many they walked away with yet another pair of 3D glasses to add to their collection. I already have 5 pair, needless to say i gave some of them away lol. My favs…the red heart ones.

So as the free show ended the Grauman Chinese Theatre…yes it is chinese themed lol hosted the screenings for the premiere. The party of course didnt end there as we all hit up Chateau Marmont for a party. Not to mention close to home for her. lol. Screenings will take place on the 2nd for those that were lucky to get tix. Of course those you had to buy but the movie does open in 8 days on the 5th. You can pre-purchase your tickets on Fandango.com or TRY going to the theatre to buy tix but good luck on opening day….you probably wont get em!

So anyways, thats a quick wrap on this. Just wanted to post it because. Of course some pics follow below and Carly The KatyCat is featured in the pic below with the blue wig on. You really have to see this girl she looks just like Katy. Ok so im out for now.


2 responses to “Katy Perry’s Part of Me Premiere in West Hollywood a Success!

  1. seems like very pleasent and peacefull event 8)) yeah, those fans and girls who made own costumes-in my opinion very dedicated fans. iJustine is anoying 8))

  2. I would have to state that Katy Perry is probably the very best entertainers that we have got today. She’s really good in singing.

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