I havent really had anything interesting to post about lately. Witnessed some crazy things though and did one myself. Saw that dude walk across Niagara Falls. Nuts!! Then we did the Edge Walk on the CN Tower. Its awesome to walk on a small platform 100 storeys in the air with just two cables saving you from certain doom! The most fucked up part was the collapsing of the Radiohead stage. Their drum tech Scott lost his life being crushed under all the staging. Thats sad shit man. A few trade magazines I get had released a few articles about the incident and many of us posted about how safety seems to be less of a concern for concert promoters and even for many personnel. If you have never been underneath an entire array of truss and lights then you really dont know the strange feeling that might come across you when you stop and think….what if this shit gives way and falls on us. Ive been there. Been hit by truss and got a concussion. Its not fun!!

The MMVAs were pretty cool. NOt sure if many could see them in America. I know DirectTV doesnt have the channel i believe. Katy won…not that it really matters. Ive always seen it as an honor to be nominated for anything. So anyways today was a cool day. Hit up the beach and then went and had some steak. Mmmmmmm! Although no matter where we go i never get my fucking steak cooked the way i want it. I want it rare or medium and i always get it well. Grrrrrr. guess that happens when others order well and well….i get mine the same. bitches! lol. its been a busy beginning to summer already. Hockey season is over so now im in the dumps since i cant watch any games unless they show any lol. Been watching some MLB. Not a huge baseball fan but its cool. Not really giving a shit who wins the NBA Finals.

Sorry for just jumping from one thing to another. I’m not really keeping a good structure here. Ooops! Its 11pm. In low 60s tonight. Feels so fucking good. Im wearing my comfy black Kings hoodie right now in this cold house. Just looking outside. Nice view. Back to normalcy a bit this weekend. The only thing thats pissing me off is waiting for Motorola to release the fucking Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Droid Razr. lol. i could hack it as ive done before with a previous phone but i’d rather just wait. Supposedly its just another week or two before it comes out. The test leak is out but fuck it. Might as well wait for the official update. Its easier to just download the 250+MB file and install it than to hack the phone and bootloader and go through 30 steps before i can even flash the firmware. So yeah fuck it! So has anyone ever had Sprinkles Cupcakes? Holy ShitFuck these are good!!! Got two Red Velvet ones from the Sprinkles ATM. These and Starbucks are a dream! Got a Key Lime too but I think im gonna save that for morning lol. Actually Sprinkles isnt just based in CA. You can find it in other states as well. Im sure some of my friends…..AMY….lol will probably want to slap the shit out of me for spending $3.50 a cupcake LOL. yeah yeah. im spoiled.

Anyways, I dont have much more to yak about. Just two weeks left before Katy’s movie hits the theatres. You would think after all the screenings ive seen it like a bazillion times but nope. Twice. All the others were like 30 minute sittings and then bye bye! lol. But if your a fan go to the premiere and get the special Peppermint 3D glasses. So far my tally is 3 pair. lol. Gave a few away. I was looking in my bag and realized that I have 4 pairs of sunglasses and 3 pair of Part of Me Premiere ones lol. wow. So ill leave you with a few pics from the trip and a link to the final chapter of Teenage Dream: Wide Awake which premiered few days ago. Its a great video. My favorite part is the end though. When chldhood Katheryn gives adult Katheryn a butterfly and runs for her bike then waves goodbye to her. Its a great last scene. It ends with Katy in her Peppermint round boobies outfit coming up from below the stage at her show. Those kinds of views are just awesome.

So ill shut up now. Oh and the agenda ahead is Jay Leno Show, few more screenings, Kimmel Show and Macy’s 4th of July Show in NYC. and well the UK premiere. Imagine being on that run….USA/Canada on 2nd. London on 3rd and NYC on 4th! Arrivederrci my friends. I spelled that wrong i know…bite me lol Enjoy the pics and hopefully no one gets sick from seeing the view from 147 storeys high. Its a glass floor so you can see straight down! Peace!!


2 responses to “Random

  1. Hey. Nice to read one more post. Your last post about sport-I dont follow hockey so much, it is not popular here in Europe as much as in USA. We have Euro 2012 football competition now going on.

    That dude crossing Niagara falls- cool to see it live, damn impressive, takes balls to do that & little bit insanity.

    Once in Serbia on a concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers-some wind was blowing and some of the equipment-some big shit speakers got de-atached. It was weird moment because we did not know if it is going to hit someone in the fanpit. Serious shit. Thanks any crew for doing good job and keeping us fans & the band safe and able to perform and enjoy good show without thinkg to much about technical part of it.

    I dig some songs of Katy Perry in last 2-3 weeks for an unknown reason. It is not like those songs are earworms, but have some good parts that I wanted to hear again. So, here we go again,playing it on Youtube…

    Yeah, order your steak un-grilled,hen U might become it rare or medium. They grill it them all together, thats why U become it as everybody else.

    I think by time I wrote this I read someone that the Android update is released, just wait few more days, not worth to crack it through 30 steps as U said 8)

    Arividercyy Gill hahaha

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