Los Angeles Kings Win Stanley Cup!!! 6-1 Game 6; Other Crap

So YES you know I am celebrating the Los Angeles Kings victory last night over the Devils and YES ill be at the parade on Thursday at noon and the rally! I wont bore you with this sports post too much but the Kings fought adversity and made it past all the rounds in the playoffs to win the Western Conference and just when it seemed they would sweep the Devils in four games they lost two in a row. One at Staples Game 4 and Game 5 at Prudential Arena in Newark. The Kings came home for Game 6 but it was really like a Game 7 for them. Had they lost the chances to win the cup didnt look too well for them back in Newark. BUT….who cares now? The Kings are the KINGS of the NHL!! Staples Center was blasting away Cartman chants of GO KINGS GO and WE WANT THE CUP all throughout the game and then when it was all over…..the catchy “Naked Gun” movie song, We Love It, played after each goal and then Queen’s Rock anthem to sports champions, We Are the Champions….Epic Night!!! It was so awesome to see many of the players win their first cup and most of all for the city to see the Kings with their first ever cup in their 45 year existence! Anze Kopitar’s family was watching the game back home in Slovenia and it was nearly morning there. I can guess they are partying there too! lol. Anyway, besides the first winners on the team it was nice to see others who have been to the finals and won hold the cup again. Like my favorite player Dustin “Pancakes” Penner! Not only did the Kings win the cup for them but for the fans that waited 45 long years for a title. For Bob Miller who calls the plays for the Kings on Fox Sports West who has been with the team for 39 years if i remember right and of course Jim Fox who once played for the Kings who sits besides Bob. What stands out is how a fan of 45 years named Jack Kates was in attendance for the game with his wife of 44 years. He been a Kings fan since before he married his wife! I forget how old he is but i think in his 80s so for him to see the Kings win the Cup LIVE while he and his wife were there is unreal. True fans! Then we come to Wayne Gretzky….The Great One who was sent to LA and had a chance to win the cup but didnt. This win was for all players past and present, the fans and the city! Congrats to my homeboys, The Los Angeles Kings!!! Deciding if i should go get that free tattoo now they mentioned on the news! haha KINGS!!!

Ok so switching gears to something else. I promise it wont be long. The other night there was a boxing fight between Pacquiao and Bradley. I saw some of it but fell asleep. It was nearly morning in London. I saw both fighters as even. Im not a boxing fanatic but of course I tend to go for the underdog and Bradley was just that. Well, he won! YES! Sorry no Pacquiao fan here. There is a lesson to be learned in this though. NO matter great you are or think you are…you fall from grace. Being on top doesn’t last forever. Now for Pacquaio he knew that. I saw clips where he laughed it off. He knew in his mind he won the fight but he didnt cry a river like these fans are. Cant win em all. Fans need to learn the agony of defeat. Sucks to lose but get back up and try it again.

SO thats it for now. Lots going on. Going to Toronto in a few days. Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel tapings also. Never a dull moment! Here are some pics for the champs and such!!!

*******Oooooooooh and one last tidbit..im sure ill get some bitchiness over it too from a few ladies….i shaved off the hockey hair last night…yes its gone. I look 25 again! LOL. I felt kinda funny cause at the festival over weekend a small group of fans who had kids said i looked creepy lol. i didnt dig that. not funny to me. i dont smile much in pics so yeah i can see that. now shaved i just look dorky again. ill let the fuzz grow. thats cool for me but not sure when the hockey hair will return! Next year I might go all out……lol


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