Just a Quickie oh and GO KINGS GO!!

i cant even think of a title for this. Im sitting here packing my bags and getting ready for London this weekend and I get a call from my aunt. She tells me that I shouldnt waste my time doing what im doing. WTF?!? Then she rants on about her son, my cousin in college and how he is going for an engineering degree or some shit. Well good for him. Im proud of him for graduating and moving on to college. I was accepted to numerous major colleges in TX including A&M and Baylor yet I didnt have the funds to go at that time and I was too proud to get myself involved with loans and shit. I see people struggling to pay those off now 20 years after they graduated. Truth is, I am quite content with where I am with my work. I travel the world with artists. Who wouldnt love that shit?

I shouldnt let it get to me but I really dont see why they call me to tell me crap like this. Its like she likes to brag about her kids. Sure one is in college and the other married a rich guy. So what? She tells me I should get a real job. Is it because she feels I am worthless and this work is crap or is it because maybe just maybe she is slightly jealous that Im doing something exciting? I really dont care but it does bother me that some of my family has to call me out on my work. My grandmother supports me and so does my aunt that lives with her. My immediate family supports me as well. Really thats all that matters. Many of my cousins think its cool. I dont see myself as any better or worse than anyone. Sure I get to travel and shit but im not a star. Im not famous and all of that doesnt matter to me anymore. I do what im paid to do and i come home. That simple. Isn’t that what work is? Isn’t that how work is defined? We all do things that maybe we dont enjoy doing. There are times I dont enjoy this work but its what Im good at. Just as im sure many of you are good at what you do. So you do it because it pays the bills. I dont know about other countries but in America its not the land of the free its the land of “pay your bills now or we turn your shit off.” For instance today, my cell phone bill was just posted, now them fools calling me like the world is gonna end. Seriously? Geez! lol. Chill out Verizon!! lol. You get your cut of my income so chill! lol.

So anyway, thats about it. I need to run to the pet store and grab some stuff for the kittehs. Peppermint and Cookie Monster need some supplies, cat litter and all the cats need food and treats. There is also a damn dog now. I call him Weego! LOL Here Weego!! Fetch me a beer damnit! lol wait its a mexican dog, Chihuaua or however the fuck you spell it. He will only fetch burrrritos!lol ok ok ill shut up now. Off to the store and to finish packing my bags. Next stop after London is Toronto. Hoping to have time to do the SkyWalk on the Tower there. What better way to release any stress or worries than dangling over a tower by a cable 116 stories in the air?!? lol

Oh and in closing, enjoy this tidbit…..$68 bucks for a LV condom. Anyone figure they would use it? lol. Nope not me but i’d surely keep it for looks LOL


One response to “Just a Quickie oh and GO KINGS GO!!

  1. Gill,my man, just enjoy. U are on the right way!!
    Who would not like to do what U are doing?

    Thats how the work is defined-get paid, get safe back. I the job U do-there arent many people who would last that long and be that good in what U do.

    So forget stupid-probably jelaous- talk and opinions, and do it your way & U better pay that Verizon bill haha 8)))

    Weego is a good name for a chiuauaahaha whatever. I thought U gonna get yourself a pittbull or something bigger then the smallest dog exsiting on the planet 8)))

    This LV condom is 68bucks. Come ooooon 8)))) But less expensive then fucking without 8))

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