Blog Has New Life….

Please bare with me as I am changing the look of this blog. It was needed after a year. I decided to go with a black theme this time. Simple yet elegant. I really like it.

Of course many of my sidebars were reset so I will be working on getting some of that set again but in the meantime, please bare with me as I get things set back up again.

While your at it, read some of my shit if you haven’t lately lol.

I could post something new but I seriously doubt anyone wants to read about how my Los Angeles Kings are fucking dominating the West. Took out the Nucks in Round 1 winning the series 4-1 and now 2-0 in the series against the St Louis Blues! KINGS!! GO KINGS GO!!

Anyways, travel coming up consists of Toronto, NY and Singapore among other stops.

So yeah bare with me as I transition this page to a new look. Just needed a change. I liked the old theme but i really like this new one better. Its dark and easier on the eyes when reading!! Don’t you agree?

Agree with me damnit! lol just kidding

ok im out for now. Here is a pic to ponder over that I took recently in LA.

The Beach