Stanley Cup Finals LA Kings vs NJ Devils

of course you know I am an LA Kings fan so just to say my post here will be biased but I do feel I speak the truth in many ways. So if your a fan of the NHL read on…if not…well enter my contest and win a……ok just kidding.

Ok So its time for the big series. The Kings managed to beat the #1,2,3 top seeded teams in the Western Conference. Vancouver, St Louis and Phoenix. For the second year the Vancouver Canucks won the Presidents Trophy yet fell short. Well they did make it to the SCF but they lost to the Boston Bruins. Now the Kings fought through all this adversity and yet people still do not give them any credit. It seems people are on this bandwagon of saying only Canadian teams or team from the East are the best and will win. Thats a crock of horse shit. Lets look at the facts. The LA Kings were NOT by far one of the best teams in the NHL. In fact they lost so many games they could have won. Messy play and injuries hurt them. The Kings fired Coach Terry Murray and replaced him with Coach Sutter. A wise choice as Sutter has brought the team together and made them play to their potential. Before the trade deadline we acquired Jeff Carter but lost Jack Johnson. So much has been against the Kings because it seemed as thought this would be a losing season for them. Then as they began to come together they started playing playoff hockey before the playoffs ever started. Its May now and nearly June and yet the Kings have been playing playoff hockey since March.

The fact remains you cant win every game. Even the best of the best have off days where things just cant come together. In three series the Kings played fourteen games and only lost two. They hold a 8-0 winning streak this season in the post-season and overall since last year a 10-0 steak on away games. The Kings are playing better hockey than they did in the regular season but there is much to be done. They need to be more aggressive on the forecheck and they need to greatly improve their Power Play. They are doing quite well with the Penalty Kill. In the fourteen games they have played they are aggressive maybe not as much each game but they do hit and they do chase after the puck. Look at a Kings playoff game against the Sharks last year and watch how the Kings let them dominate them on the ice. Sluggish skating and no defense or offense. This year the Kings are going after everything. Of couse goalie Johnathon Quick and his awesome average in saves has kept the Kings in the run.

One would say that you cant rely on one person to do everything. That is true. The Kings have collectively done their part in each series. Even players like Dwight King and Dustin Pancakes Penner who have done unbelievable feats in this run. Now your probably thinking that I am some idiot fan that thinks the Kings are going to sweep the Devils. Your wrong. In fact I expect this series to go the full distance…7 games. Might be 6 but I do expect to see both teams playing hardcore hockey. Sure Eastern fans the Bruins won last year but that doesn’t mean that the cup will stay on the east side of the country. The Kings have just a good a chance as the Devils to win the cup. In the end it comes down to how each team and player presents their game. This will determine the outcome. Stats are a resource that can be used to analyze a plausible outcome but until these two teams take to the ice we really cant determine how it will turn out.

Im not calling the Devils a shitty team by any means. Honestly I didnt pay much attention to them. I was going for the NY Rangers in the East. No specific reason I just picked a team and ran with it. I cant really judge the Devils on their game play either because I really only watched two maybe three games in the playoffs. According to stats many Devils fans say they have the better goalie and offense/defense. That may be true and the stats may show it but these teams have not even taken to the ice yet in this post season. The teams met up twice in regular season and the Kings lost both games. Here is where Devils fans will say the Kings will surely lose because they lost those two games. Well, the Kings team playing right now is not the same team as in regular season. Maybe same players but with a different intensity towards the game. Brodeur has been a goalie in the SCF four times. So definitely has the experience but the Kings have SCF experienced players as well. Not that it really matter but a few even won the Cup with other teams.

IN the end both teams are going to come out playing hard. If the Kings do fail to play to their potential then it will be their own fault. They are more than capable of winning the cup based on their last 14 games in the post-season. Teams who are praised as the best or better because of stats or performance have bad games. Many of these teams lose to the worst in the league. Proving that anything can and will happen. As a Kings fan I feel the Kings will never get the praise they should get. Sure the commentators will praise them but fans wont. If the Kings win the Stanley Cup, Devils fans will say they didnt deserve it or they cheated or the refs made bad calls…something like that….If the Kings lose to the Devils those fans will say, TOLD U SO. SO either way the Kings are already written out to be a shit team this season by the Devils fans. Now I see it as may the best team win. Last year I attended the Houston Aeros Game 7 Calder Cup Finals game. The Aeros fell short and lost to the Bingamton Senators. Did I bitch? A little but I didnt call the Sens assholes. I stood up and applauded the Aeros and Sens players for their accomplishments and to watch the trophy be awarded to them. Thats sportsmanship. I even took pics of it. Fair is fair. Both teams played an honest game and the victor won. So in this series anyone can win. The Kings have just a good a chance at being champions as the Devils do.

So in the end….GO KINGS GO!!!! PENNERMANIA! Ill be wearing my #25 Penner and #32 QUick Jerseys in these games.


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