Katy Perry Part of Me 3D

yes it opens in theatres July 5th. Great flick. If your a fan you will love it and yes all the happy, funny and even sad moments are in there. YOu can thank Mr Rusty for that lol. So if your a fan go see the movie and get a pair of red peppermint 3D glasses. Sorry for the shameless plug but you know I gotta represent foo! lol. If your curious about the movie you will find it interesting even if you dont like her music. Why? Well because concert production isn’t easy. Many think it is. It’s not easy for the crew or the artist. Many think Katy sleeps all day and pops out of a bus and sings for a few hours…..WRONG! Not an easy job by any means. ALL bands/artists deal with this. Metallica also has a 3D flick coming out as well for the “i hate pop music katy perry shit” haters. Sorry but rock music nor any style of music is the god all be all best ever music and I am diverse when it comes to music. I can be listening to death/satanic one minute then pop or rock then classical.

So just a heads up on these two movies. Sorry no Metallica poster. I dont work for them. lol

Anyways enjoy the KP poster. It took multiple days to shoot it ya know! Another reason why rockstar life isn’t easy!! lol.

peace out and here is the poster again bigger. Click it for full-size.


One response to “Katy Perry Part of Me 3D

  1. even with working with so many people to support such good worldwide artist to give their best performance to the audience, it is very hard job, but brings milliones in the pocket, soo…. in one way U can be jelaous, but I prefer not being a rockstar 8))) (If I could really choose, I would be one for sure)

    And yeah, U are really a commercial dispenser 8)))

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