Fans of Celebs Getting Too Personal

You know ive worked in the biz long enough to know that fans can be the most nosey mother fuckers in the world. Now dont get me wrong fans make the celebs who they are but there are some things that should be left personal. Who our families are, kids, parents, where we live, what we drive…..much of that is personal. So this is the focus of this post. I will try to keep it short but you know me, I tend to ramble the fuck on.

So I listed these few items above as being many of the popular things people want to know. Some of them not so private and others are. For instance, I was on Facebook earlier and someone posted that they got bored and started looking up court cases for celebs. Wanting to look up things that to me are personal. I have plenty of friends on FB and frankly besides the ones i know well, I really dont care where they live, how they live or any of that. So why be so nosey? What does a person really get from delving into a persons personal life in this manner? It doesn’t bring you any closer to them. Court cases and such are public information in America but I really believe that shit is private. Unless your looking to date said person, their personal life should really have no bearing on yours.

These days you also hear of fans breaking into celebs properties and even inside their homes. Why? Do you know the celeb? Basically, if you dont have their cell phone number which today is about the single most personal object people carry these days then you really can’t classify yourself as a friend….that is if you dont know the person personally. Either way to know something that personal classifies you as either a friend or just someone like an aquaintance. I spelled that wrong. Sorry to all you grammer checkerz out there. For instance, my ex-girlfriend. Yes she is an ex yet I have her cell #. Why? Well because we are friends. So I talked to Justin Beiber at the Billboards. Cool dude. Don’t like his music but cool dude. I don’t have his cell #. Im not his friend. You get the point. Sorry im using stupid examples you already know. lol.

Why do people have a fascination with celeb babies? Frankly if I was a father, unless I knew you personally I wouldnt care to have you looking at pics of my child. Nothing personal just preference. Ive been one to complain about places like FB where people post never-ending photos of their grown kids and even more babies. Its facebook not babybook. I should create babybook so all these folks can post away 500 pics a day like they normally do now. I just dont get it though. A child is a personal being. Thats like me walking into a store and telling some clerk, “hey watch my kid while I go take a shit.” Ok sorry for that visual lol but seriously. WHo does this? I know my exgf is quite picky about posting pics of her two children and I dont blame her. Plenty of others too I know feel the same way. Ive always been a huge fan of actor Kevin Bacon. Sure I know who his wife is. Well she is an actress. Yet I dont care to know who or what his children look like.

SO I guess in conclusion ill finish by saying that this post is in no way meant to piss anyone off or call anyone out because frankly I dont even think that person ready my blog or knows of it. If said person does well….soooooorry but I do have a right to my opinion. People have a right to their personal space and lives. Ive shared plenty of personal things about myself on here. My last name isn’t Grylls. Its a persona or stage name because frankly my personal name is personal to me. To me I really dont care if my favorite artist has been in jail for smoking weed or fucking their significant other in the stall of some shitty bathroom. People ask me to post pics of my travels and I do. People ask me to post pics of celebs I meet and hang with. Much of that is personal to me. I dont even waste my time taking photos with many because I dont really need visual memories of the things ive done. Sure I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life with people but if I have a pic of myself with KP and she isnt wearing makeup or just casually chillin why do I need to let 50 billion people see that? Its personal for a reason. I mean if people want to get that nosey then please do post pics of you and your significant other in y’alls drawers laying on the bed and looking hideous for us all to see so we can be nosey too! You wouldn’t would you? Most likely not.

So really try to be civilized and allow people to have some privacy and personal space. Paps aka Paparazzis dont give a frogs fat ass for this. They looking for a fucking payout man. Its one reason celebs will despise the media and that can even include many of you fans that try to interact with em at the wrong time. You can’t really take it personally because if you lived a day in our shoes you would know that being the center of attention or being with someone that is the center of attention isn’t all its cracked up to be. I can recall plenty of times we just wanted to have a damn Iced Frapp and the entire fucking place wants to chit-chat. Its to be expected but sometimes you really have to judge the situation and just give people their privacy. This goes for non–celebs as well. You know how many times ive seen celebs out to dinner or shopping? Or just my friends? Plenty yet unless they acknowledge my presence I let them be and go about my own business. If they come to me or smile and say hi or whats up ill make quick simple convo and thats about it. I dont want to know where they been all day, who they are with and what they plan on doing later. Thats their business!

Ok so now im shutting up because 1. my stomach hurts because i havent eaten since about 5pm, 2. im tired because I just finished celebrating the LA Kings win of the Western Conference Finals to earn their way into the Stanley Cup Finals (sorry shameless plug) and 3. i need some shut eye and CookieMonsterTheCat and PeppermintTheCat are laying in front of my monitor and the other cats are already in their sleeping spots on the bed. Thats means its ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz time for all. So goodnight/morning….

and as always I leave you with a pic.



One response to “Fans of Celebs Getting Too Personal

  1. that comparsion of mobile phone number as most unique and personal thing is very good, Gill. I am not one of those people who follow some artist or spend time on then more then really enjoying their work-music or movies, in walls of my own house, so I dont get people who that-follow, intrude or anything else similar, to get closer to celebrities.

    It is just waste of time and somehow very disturbing and sick. So, keep it in normal boundaries and leave them alone.

    Trying to get personal things, like some court cases scenarios and stuff is just an excuse that celebrities are normal people who might have problems, and on this way someone can say that his life is shitty too, or not as great with all that money.

    It is the best thing to care about private things and make the best of own life instead bitching and rumoring about others. But that in humans nature, so you all-supporting crew and stars have to deal with it.

    Great examples, Gill about your ex and about Justin Bieber.Why didnt U kickass that little boy hahaha many would do that, I would not, I dont listen his music, but think that dude is OK and somehow cool because of everything he accomplished in bussines.

    U should create Babybook hahaha 8)) and your cats are funny 8)

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