Off to Vegas

….for the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night.

Sorry i been behind on responses to emails and such. Been a busy last few days and of course on LA Kings hockey night like tonight im unavailable. About to head to the airport now as soon as I finish this post.

In other news, well not news…my stupid ass DVD burner decides to screw up when im trying to copy my Insanity Discs. Yes they are mine not anyone elses lol. OF course from the last post you know my cat died and well got two more.

Im not a gamer but the ONE game I always enjoyed playing was Diablo and Diable 3 just came out. I havent bought it yet but I plan to. Of course ill prolly only play about an hour or so at a time like I used to. Like I say im not a huge gamer.

Well thats really about it. Guess Ill find something to post pic-wise.

later friends….


One response to “Off to Vegas

  1. nice to hear U again! 8))
    speaking of games- I love racing games, but I become easily addicted, so I deleted all my games after 2 days. I dont want to waste any time on that 8)))

    Keep rocking in Vegas!!!!

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