not much here. been busy. taking care of the new tatt, working on some music among other things. Went outside for some exercise earlier. Nice day so here is a pic of the tatt before i put some more mosturizer on it and the hockey hair….lol


2 responses to “Sup!

  1. badass looking Gill, that haircut is like fitted to your head and face! Man I got to tell U, I actually managed to get haircut on my own, I can cut my hair by myself wuith that machine, some sort of independence.

    Tattoo is very cool, it fits very well too. U did the right thing and chose right motive!

  2. To each his own with their body! LOL i am not even allowed to talk smack about tattoo’s seeing as i got a notepad on my forearm! AHAHAHA but i use it weekly so i don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me or it 🙂 I love your blog btw. Sorry i haven’t read it much lately been really busy with the web modeling. WHICH i am stopping cause i have a new bf that well keeps me more then satisfied and i have no desire to let a bunch of creepy guys watch me get myself off. I wont miss them asking where i live or if they can call me or date me…i mean come on really guys believe i will meet them and fuck them? LOL

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