When I….

most people dont like to think of the day they will die or expire from this earth. Earlier tonight a friend lost a family member. Its never easy to lose someone under any circumstance. As humans though we must come to the realization that we aren’t getting any younger and one day we as well will leave this Earth leaving behind our own kids and grandkids and such. Its a painful thought. Growing up from the time I was around 7 or 8 I started getting dreams that I would die in a plane crash. I dont really have those dreams anymore but its a hell of a thing to think of when your 10 minutes into a 20 hour trip. Death is never easy for anyone. I’d like to know that when my time is up that the people in my life at that time will know what I would like. My final wishes if you say.

Like I say no one ever wants to go through or even think of their own demise but lets be realistic. It would make things easier for those we leave behind. Honestly for me its pretty simple. I dont need anything fancy. I dont need tons of flowers and a fancy funeral home. Just give me a peaceful place where those can mourn for me. I also would want someone to play quietly a CD of Frederic Chopin who is my favorite classical composer. His music just has touched me in so many ways. The piece I want played for sure….is Etude in E Tristesse Opus 10 No. 3. It is my favorite piece ever written. It sets the moods I love. I always dreamed of going to Europe and sitting in the Swiss Alps and listening to it. My dream came true where I got to do so. I also would like a selection of other pieces like Grand Valse Brilliante and Raindrops Prelude in D Flat Major Opus 28 No. 15 and anything written in C Sharp Minor my favorite key. As a little kid I slept and enjoyed classical music. Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bach…etc…I’d also like for my family or whomever to display at least one guitar because its been my passion since I was little.

I dont mind giving others the chance to mourn and pay their respects but what I would really like after all the final goodbyes is to be cremated and have my ashes spread across the Swiss Alps where I can forever rest where it is cold and in a serene beautiful place. Thats my only wishes. I wont have kids im sure at 36 right now im sure no girl is looking to get pregnant at this age beacuse most already have a handful of kids. So thats all I really would want. Nothing fancy just my favorite music. Of course if whomever decides to bury me thats fine but at least let it be a nice spot dont throw me in a fucking ghetto! lol.

I guess i could talk of something more happy like…….If I get married.

Well, this is a long shot. I doubt I have much in common with anyone and seriously the only person I have nearly 99% in common with i call da boss. LOL. I dont see the point in lavish weddings but i know the ladies dream of all that. I once thought writing one’s own vows was cheesy but i think it would be the coolest thing. Problem is….i’d bore the fuck out of everyone because i’d be like Stevie Wonder at the Grammys saying…..”and i’d like to thank…” lol. I guess my thing is…I dont want a wedding that would be the social event of the season lol. I surely dont want some father saying….”Gill its time we had a talk….” sorry buddy but if we are at this point its safe to say im already fucking your daughter…..WELL! LOL. As far as food goes. Fuck man just bring on a mixture of mexican food and some BBQ! That’s my fav shit lol. How about after getting married i get her to do do a AFF skydive with me?!? Hell fucking yeah! ok ok ok ok wait, this is all shit you know because I wont be getting married but it is a what if! lol. I mean what girl really wants to marry a guy that is constantly away from home unless she is away with me making music and shit eh? lol.

Wow im sitting here typing this to some spaced out meditation music on you tube. Whoa! Oh I forgot to add above that I also want Adagio for Strings at my funeral so jot this shit down or something. lol Damn this is stoner kinda music. Well below I will attach some you tube videos of a few classical pieces I mentioned above. My favorites. Take a quick listen even if you dont like or listen to classical. Maybe you will enjoy it one day. OOOOOH i forgot to mention……A while back I had played some lotto numbers…didnt win shit. So i had a fortune from a fortune cookie and was gonna play those numbers this particular evening. I forgot to buy the ticket. So I ended up checking the numbers for that night. Can you fucking believe ALL numbers on the fortune were the WINNING numbers? Yeah I would have won that shit. Hey more money doesnt hurt eh? I never play but just for shits and giggles decided to or meant to and BAM the numbers i had struck and i didnt play. Figures eh? Oh well. SO thats my idiot moment of the year so far. lol.

Enjoy the music and you will see why I love these pieces of classical music.

Ok so here are the videos.

Etude in E – Tristesse

Adagio for Strings

2 responses to “When I….

  1. U always say we die since birth, so there is really nothing to be afraid about it. I think we continue to live somehow and get new knowledge after physical death, so really nothing to be afraid. We only should use this life and live to the fullest possible and be thankful to be alive, well and happy with our situation.
    There are 90% of world population that are living without essential supplies-food and water, and we have everything imaginable-from tech gadget to cars, any things we dont really need for living.

    You just said/wrote down your final wish-I sincerely hope you stay alive for at least 5-6 more decades, and then we can make your wish come true, about cremating U and spreading your ashes over Alps!! 8))) I dont like when U talk about death, like it is gonna happen soon! It is OK, but I dont like to set into that mood. I am not afraid, I am open to talk about it, but have nothing from talking about it.

    OK, i see you changed your topic too 8))) in the rest of the post. So, U dont want kids but U want to get married? Is that right, did I understand U right? OK, now as I read on I see that U dont wont- BUUUT maybe U founf one day someone who likes U and just do it, who can live with U the way U live your life.

    Haha, that traditional boring wedding is the classical thing that woman dream about. It surely gets boring at times, so it would be good to go skydiving or to hear some funny speech 8)) for example I found this few weeks ago look at this crazy mofos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL5S2zPL8N0

    And again Chopin and Adagio for Strings -great choices.

    Ooooh I played some lotto, and did not win something big, but I won something few times though. Now I have to save some money and cant play so much. BUUUT U- did you miss to win the big loot prize that was played 10 days ago in USA?????? omg- you could be few millions richer??? If that is true- yeah–idiot moment of the year 8))) but foir everything there is balance-so U loose on one end and win on another 8)))

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