So here is a before and after of how i look with and without the hockey hair. mind you, i have not cut my hair yet but the head is getting shaved Tuesday!!

April 1st-4th ill be overseas so I wont be able to text. I really dont want to know how much it costs to text from Chennai.

Ok so here is the pic. What you think? Keep the hair cause it looks cool or cut it and go back to looking clean cut?



One response to “Progress…….

  1. Chennai?? I had to google to find out where the fuck is that town. And it is probably 20x bigger then my town Sarajevo. But fuck yeah, U should not tetx just to find out the sms/message price 8)))

    U look ototally different person with that hockey hair, somehow serious, like from a movie, like a killer, totoally strange to me, specially with that glasses on. It looks good, but very different. I am used to U shaved head, U look younger and like teddy bear. This should probably come from a womans mouth, but hahaha 8)) U look somehow cuter and acceptable shaved -I want to say that U are more acceptable for woman shaved. Unshaved U look badass 8))

    I shaved my head 2 days ago on 3mm, not really shaved with razorblades but trimmed very fucking short. I & my gff are getting used to it 8)) after 2 hours it seems like I had this haircut for ages 8)) I am satisfied now

    Many greetings bro, keep updated!! and rock on

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