Say Hai to My New PRS Custom….

This guitar is everything I could ask for in a daily use main axe. Having two Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axxcess Models priced at nearly $3000 a piece they are beautiful sounding guitars but also im afraid ill chip one and ruin the finish. I own the Crimson Red and Viceroy Brown models. The only colors it comes in. Both are equipped with GraphTech Floyd Rose and Piezo pickup. They stay in the cases literally!

So I had been looking around for a nice guitar that didnt cost too much and still had the sound I wanted. In came this beauty. The PRS SE Custom 22. Its been years since I have played a 22 fret guitar but not really an issue. Only downfall is it doesn’t have locking tuners but Ill be changing the stock ones out for locking soon. Its equipped with two stock PRS humbuckers but the sound and feel is awesome. At first the guitar seemed small. The neck is smaller than my Ibanez counterparts. To me at least. The feel is much different but the neck is also much faster. I can play better with this bad boy. I need a nickname for it. Also, its very heavy and similar to its big brothers in the PRS lineup. I named the Gibsons AL 1 and AL 2. After Alex Lifeson lol. Cant really call them Big AL because they are much thinner than the standard Les Paul. This PRS is not BIG but it is heavy. The woods PRS uses are phenomenal and they have great sustain. Maybe ill call this one Big AL LOL. Of course Alex calls his black Gibson Big AL but hey i can use that for now eh? lol.

Ok so here are a few pics. Might do a video soon of just various songs and sounds of the guitar. For now…peace!



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