Do You Know Your Family History?

Recently, my aunt asked me to get on This site has been around for a long time but I finally got into doing this and well….Its interesting and fun to get everyone down in one area. Ive worked on two different trees. One for my mom’s side of the family and another for my father’s. I’m still working on much of it but my aunt decided to pay for it with her credit card so screw it….ill do it! lol…..I started with the 14-Day Free Trial and I think it upgrades to $77 for 6 months after the trial. This gives you access to records like birth, death, marriage and such. Not bad to learn a bit about yourself and family.

Im not trying to promote the site but really trying to say that if you don’t know your family history or just want to sort of electronically document it, this is a nifty way to do so. Since I dont have kids…..well my cats are my kids you know! LOL….There is Heathcliff, Bucky, Garfield, Mia Von Meowz, Schmuck and Kitty. Heathcliff and Schmuck are brothers both born in March of 2011. Both fat large dog scaring cats. Yes they scare dogs! lol.

Anyways, most of the work is done. I have added pictures for about 75% of the families but I still need to get birth years and deaths down to make it more elaborate. Either way its been kinda fun learning about the people I never knew. My grandparents parents and such….Even discovering people that are related but yet we dont really know. —-Insert Witty Things That Make You Go HMMMMMMM–line here lol…

So thats about it with this. Ive spent about 8 hours over the course of 3 days or so working on this total. Not too much but once you get rolling inputting everything is easy. You can work on your Family Trees from your PC, laptop and even Android device. I have Ancestry Android App on my tablet. Below I will include a sample screenshot of what it looks like. The sample is of JFK’s tree. Ill keep my info private for the safety and privacy of my nuts deer hunting thinking everyone should be able to shoot a gun at bambi family! lol


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