What Been Up w/ Me Lately…..

….im sure some of you have been wondering. Well im not fucking dead. IM alive and well. Ive taken sort of a break from social media lately. No apparent reasons. Well a few but thats personal and really nothing alarming. Just time I needed away from the keyboard. I mean we all need time away from the internetz!

If anyone has texted me and I have not returned your texts its prolly because I didnt get them or because I was out of the service area. It was a Merry New Year for me. I wont go into all the details of that. Basically I chilled out and relaxed. Nothing more to really say.

Right now for Americans Football, Europeans call it SOCCER is taking over the screens. Personally I dont give a shit about NFL football. Ive been watching quite a bit of NBA and NHL. Keeping up with the LA Lakers and Clippers and of course my LA Kings. In fact tonight the Lakers play the Clippers at Staples with the Lakers being the away team. Should be a great game. Clippers got Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Kobe has been getting 40+ points in 3 games recently. So this game should be awesome.

2012 brings more cool opportunities. For instance, Katy Perry….Not to mention plenty of AFF jumps. So im sitting here fucking hungry as fuck. Had a bowl of chili earlier but fuck im still hungry. ehhh ill eat during the day. BBQin it up. Oh yeah….. i did get a new cat. Her name is Mia Von Meow. SOrry that name was just catchy and i had to use it! lol. I should start a new paragraph but fuck it lol…So for Xmas I made out like a bandit as a friend of mine said lol. Here are my gifts listed below:

1. $300 cash
2. Archos 101 Android Tablet
3. Jeans
4. Cologne
5. Shitload of Starbucks Gift Cards…..WINNING!!!
6. Beer & MOONSHINE!!!

* Im sure i forgot some stuff lol but i cant remember everything

Bonus: I bought myself a PRS Alex Lifeson Guitar. (older model)
(I play Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson & PRS Lifeson Models now)

I also bought myself a skydiving helmet and altimeter. No suit yet. lol. ooooh and a membership to the USPA and Parachutist magazine. Anyways, thats really about it. Nothing exciting eh? I could go on and on about how much I hate the Houston Texans football team but I wont go there because im sure no one gives a frogs fat ass about my hatred for them. XBIZ awards just went by the other day. Larry Flynt got the Industry Icon Award. Well deserving. ADULTCON is going on in Vegas this weekend and next weekend is the AVN Awards.

Ok well thats about it. Gonna get back to my fav movie Baby Boy. THey about fuck up Snoop Dogg lol.

Ill be back with more soon.


One response to “What Been Up w/ Me Lately…..

  1. Of course U arent fucking dead !!! 8))
    I am thinking about reducing my internet connections only just to real people I know in life-and people like I havent met in person like U but are my cool friends!!
    Kobe is one of best forever-he is playing so long and always has been in top 5 players.

    Cool for the cat-very catchy name, U chose well 8))

    Those are a lot of gifts, U should buy yourself that HD camera you can atach on your helmet. http://gopro.com/products/

    Keep chillin bro !!!

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