Skydiving Sex in Taft CA: Life Begins at 120 MPH

Hope & Voodoo

I can remember the day when I was on Twitter chilling out and talking with friends when my friends Voodoo (@voodoopornstar) and Hope (@littlemisstaft) posted links to their now famous “Skyfucking” video. Voodoo had posted tweets about how he was editing the footage so that it would be “you tube” friendly. Among the pornstar & fan crowd the feat was drawing lots of attention. We anticipated it. They spoke of doing it but it was done and a reality. I remember just weeks before telling Hope to go up with Voodoo and she said she would. Wow, I never expected she would up the ante and go completely nude! The video was posted on You Tube and Dailymotion where it was deleted. Voodoo found a home for his personal pictures and the infamous video on

For those of you that don’t know Voodoo, he is a CONTRACT pornstar for Reality Kings (@realitykings) and a pro skydiver who formerly called Skydive Taft his employer and DZ. Hope worked with Voodoo at Skydive Taft getting people ready for their jumps. They are two of the most outgoing folks I know. Voodoo doesn’t give a fuck. His motto is: EFS! Eat Fuck Skydive! He loves women, sex, living on the edge and riding his motorcycle. Nothing brings this man down. Even with the death of his father recently he still continues on with life and his father legacy. They look alike. He has been in the porn business well over 10 years and is one of the most popular stars in the world.

Hope is a young, sweet woman with a drop dead gorgeous tight body and a great personality. She also takes no shit from her haters. She is quite new to the world of porn but has already attained a large following. She has shot for many popular porn companies including Reality Kings, Brazzers,…etc. She is a “small town girl being exposed to a BIG city!”

Lets get to the skydiving sex stunt. The pair filmed the stunt early in the AM with Voodoo wearing only their tandem harness and chutes. It was a sunny clear day with an awesome view of their surroundings and the video magic of their camera man and a camera attached to Voodoo’s wrist. While climbing altitude Hope hopped right on top of Voodoo’s cock and began riding him! In the video you can quickly tell when she feels the full length of his cock inside her tight young pussy. They are already harnessed together and in a reverse cowgirl position. As usual with other tandem skydivers, Voodoo and his jump student would sit next to the pilot of their small private plane. This is what the pair did during the video. It is visible that the pilot does look at the camera briefly but you can also see in the video that the pair are enjoying one another and the pilot is paying attention to the sky. With that, no FAA rules were broken. The pilot took all precautions in a professional manner with the life of everyone on board seriously.

Hope and Voodoo neared the edge of the plane and with the sex still taking place, they jumped out. The video now turns to Katy Perry’s E.T. song for the duration of the jump. Voodoo while in the prone position with Hope continues to penetrate her and caress her breasts and kiss her on the neck. At one point in the video you hear Hope repeat that she is cumming! For those wondering she had MULTIPLE orgasms throughout the skydive. Although she says Voodoo’s cock is quite large for her they still completed the jump successfully. Although many see this as a perverted act, it was performed by two people that are adults, in the porn business and they did it in a very professional manner. Even making sure to jump at a time where no complaints could be filed of nude skydivers.

The owner of Skydive Taft did what he had to do for the sake of his business. Both parties have stated that he knew of the jump. It won’t be the end of skydiving for Voodoo and im sure if given the right opportunity Hope and Voodoo would do it again and again. So you ask why they would do such a thing. Well, for many reasons. One being that well the thrill of fucking while skydiving is one that I’d even like to experience. Another is to get the attention of shock jock Howard Stern where this feat has already been featured on his news show. Last, because well today’s TV programming is shit! Really who wants to watch Jersey Shore when you can delve into the life of a veteran pornstar who has sex with more young women than you can imagine and also skydives!

These two individuals are the most extreme folks I know. I already knew from day one that Voodoo was the craziest mother fucker ever and also the luckiest but I even had my doubts about Hope. I never imagined her doing something so extreme and she showed me and the rest of the world that she is extreme. They have no shame in what they have done and what media presence they have gotten. They are proud to have done something that NO ONE else has ever done and they fucking filmed it for all to see. The video is in good taste. You don’t see penetration but you do see sex taking place. Its erotic, fun and extreme. I love it and it still has a home on my phone to this day. After all…….LIFE BEGINS AT 120 MPH!!!!!

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3 responses to “Skydiving Sex in Taft CA: Life Begins at 120 MPH

  1. I seriously think my fear of heights would cancel out any orgasm i could ever have LOL go them though. More power to people that live life to the fullest!!

  2. Weird, I know of a lot of male pornstars but I’ve never even heard of one of the “most popular pornstars in the world”.

    They may have been the first to tape it, I sincerely doubt they were the first to do it. Pretty sure sex has been tried and probably achieved in just about any possible situation years ago, if not centuries.

  3. No name fag is a peace of shit…J2B also is a dumb ass. Stop arguing all the damn time. Commenting here because anytime I try to comment on Adultbay, is says awaiting moderation, even on different computers/IP addresses. Oh well. Comments section went to shit anyway. Immature people with not much to do.

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