Floyd Mayweather Gets Pissed Off….

well dude what the fuck do you expect? You won’t fight the boxing industries most popular fighter Manny Pacman dude. Sorry im not gonna spell it all out lol. You want respect you gotta earn it. At this point, every fight he has done has not proven anything to the mass media.

Im not saying the guy isnt a good fighter but he needs to get his ass in gear and fight the prime-time fighter. These bullshit opponents are not going to give him any more respect. The big ticket would be Floyd vs Manny. Now I really dont give a fuck about boxing but just my opinion, he needs to step up his game and fight the guy. No more excuses! Just get it done brotha.

I didnt watch the fight. Instead I sat at home reading some books on my kindle about swinging! lol Im not much on boxing or football. Of course the highlight from what I heard was the Post-fight interview with Larry Merchant. Ill post the video below for you to see. Of course it might be taken down as HBO seems to be getting bitchy about that. Fox 11 News posted one and bam it was already taken down. Mayweather bitched that Merchant didnt ever give him credit for a win. He then told Larry fuck you or something like that. The icing on the interview………..

Larry told Mayweather, “If I was 50 years younger I would kick your ass.” Perfect line Larry! So yeah that was just fucking funny.

Anyways, here is the video


One response to “Floyd Mayweather Gets Pissed Off….

  1. I only watched one Maywethaer match few years ago. He boxed against De La Hoya. I stayed all night-about 5-6 hours to watch the pre-show. And finally after the match begun, I could only watch 20 minutes from total 60 before I fall asleep-it was SO FUCKING BORING and without events. They did it all for money, because I think De La Hoya wanted to quit his career-

    I would never watch Mayweather again. In those 60 minutes they only punched like 2-3 times. It was boring to death. They only moved around each other.

    And in this fight he only won because the opponent put his hands down while he wanted to greet and then start match. I dont believe light boxing category can be interesting anyway. This so called big match with big (PUSSY) Mayweather proved it again.
    Only good boxers were Ali and Tyson. Here in Europe we are stuck with Klitscko brothers- they always choose bad opponents who are not so good boxers. If they would choose real heavyweight boxers from USA-some big nigger athletes they would loose immediately, like one of Klitsckos did few years ago. It is all about money in boxing.

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