The Stupidity of Some Americans (This Really Needs to Be Said To Those Guilty of This)

OK seriously…..Casey Anthony was JUST released from jail about 2 hours ago or so. I was watching a 3.5 hour long police chase on KCAL9 which spanned pretty much the entire Southern California area and the news breaks that Casey was released. OK my point for this blog is about the stupidity of some American people. My two reasons…..well I will list them and give you links to the stories to read for yourself!

1. A woman in Oklahoma was mistaken for Casey Anthony so she was attacked by this woman…….. (the link to the story is below),0,7539391.story

2. An African American man and his kids named Casey Anthony are being harassed and even have death threats…….(again the link below)


Ok So here is my take on this. First I am not even going to get into the Casey Anthony verdict. I think I have made my points in a previous post. The main reason for this is that I really can’t believe that people are THAT stupid that they would harass a man and his kids simply for being named Casey Anthony. I mean seriously mother fuckers….are you people going to give death threats to every Casey Anthony in the world because the ONE that was on trial didn’t get the death penalty or prison time??????????????? Come the hell on man! This just shows the plain stupidity Americans are picked on by from other countries. Ive heard and read things from people in other countries who say Americans are weird people. Im beginning to think these people are correct!

OK and some woman in Oklahoma is going to think that Casey Anthony is NOW working in a convenience store in Oklahoma just a week or so after her trial ended!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG people have really lost their ever loving minds in this country. I really didnt pay much attention to this. I wasn’t even in the damn country to see the coverage! I read enough to know what the media wanted people to know and for some woman to not use SIMPLE LOGIC and realize that Casey Anthony WAS LOCKED UP IN JAIL and NOT working in some store in a completely different state just boggles my mind! Americans…..those of you that are doing these stupid things….your just proving to other countries how dumb we people think! Im not college educated buy fucking damn I know how to use simple logic.

If it really makes those of you Americans feel SO MUCH BETTER to pick on an innocent man AND his children who bear his name then YOU people are no better than the REAL Casey Anthony herself. PERIOD! Don’t try to make excuses for it either. There IS no excuse for harassing an innocent man and his kids or some woman because they share the same name or look like her. its childish behavior and those of you who are guilty of this should really be ashamed of yourselves and you need to seek some fucking help! You know I dont personally like the Casey Anthony chick. I’d prolly fuck her if I didnt know her and met her in a bar……uhhhh I am a man bearing a penis you know…..Other than that, she really isn’t all that by her looks, she for the most part had something to do with the crime but I wouldn’t even harass her if I saw her in public. Honestly i’d probably ask to take a pic with her just for my own stupid collection LOL.

Really though folks….stop the stupid actions and leave these innocent people alone. You can hate Casey all you want. Crack jokes, make faces, pee on her pictures, throw darts at her pic or whatever it is you do but STOP the death threats because your for one committing a fucking crime yourself and two your putting yourself down to her level when you all seem to try and play yourselves off to be soooooo much better than her. Really your just making yourselves look like fucking jackasses!

LEAVE THE CASEY ANTHONY’S of AMERICA ALONE! Hate the real one by for the love of your God….leave the others alone. They have not done anything!!



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