The Casey Anthony Trial

So the verdict came in and she was found not guilty. Honestly I had told everyone around me that she would be found guilty and would probably seek an appeal for another case. Boy was I wrong. Based on what I had heard and only what THEY wanted you to hear it never seemed as though they had enough bonafide physical evidence against her. Most people I know are saying im full of shit for saying that justice was served properly in this case. Based on what evidence there is I do believe she was treated fairly.

Now we look at all the strange shit. She lied to cops and lawyers and even the court. Thats really the only one I will mention because its probably the most valid point. Point being….she lied. I honestly believe that she knows something about her daughter’s death. She may or may not have committed the crime herself but she knows good and well what had to have happened. So because of the fact that they didnt have the proper evidence I believe they was right in not finding her guilty. Im sure beyond a shadow of a doubt she had something to do with it but until that can be reasonably proved there really is nothing they could do. Really the only people to blame is the detectives and lawyers that put together the case against her. They didnt do a thorough enough job putting it together to convict her. That is their fault and in this case a victory for her.

Im a firm believer that people should not be sentenced to death or prison time based on what the media and others want you to believe. If the proof is not there then there is not solid reason to convict. To this day there are people in prison or jail for crimes they did not commit. Im not saying that people should get away with what they have done but those in charge of incarcerating these folks need to do a better job so shit like this doesn’t happen again.

We all know she will profit from her story. She will get Lifetime movie deals, books, probably even a box office flick. Already Vivid has offered her money to do porn. Eh…fuck that. She needs to hook up with RK site and let my buddy slam her every which way…lol So anyways it was a shit decision and I know people are pissed about it but you cant convict people without the proper evidence even if you know they did it. You cant prove it, they cant be locked up. Our Judicial System in America may be fucked in many ways but I have to agree with the verdict based solely on the evidence presented.

Now as I leave you and get ready to head to Amneville FR I want to attach a funny pic about Casey and OJ I got on my FB earlier LOL. Its just too funny and even the Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife guy would have to chuckle at this shit! lol

Peace out friends. Sonisphere for the last 3 shows in Amneville, Stockholm and Stevenage. Then home. Tomorrow should be quite interesting. Im gonna be jamming with a band and doing some Satriani style shit! cant wait.




One response to “The Casey Anthony Trial

  1. the only thing i do not understand( and i didn’t watch a min of the trail, so maybe i missed it-but i prefer not to be a tool of the american media) is how your child drowns or whatever they said happened and you don’t call 911, but rather wait a month and then lie about it. if you know you didn’t physically kill your child then you shouldn’t have anything to fear and should only want to do anything in your power to save their life. being a mom i know this first hand. I call my doctor over every little thing, i have called 911 cause i was worried and the EMT’s have told me time and time again, that they would rather come out and it be a simple fix or even just a ride to the hospital then to lose someones life because they didn’t want to be a bother. There is a reason she didn’t take the stand because she was hiding something and her story would have fallen part on cross examination.Either way i believe she will be judged by the only true power in this universe when she leaves this world,and until then she has been found not guilty and everyone just needs to let it go and move on with their lives.

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