Slipknot: The First Show Back….

Good Afternoon! Lunch time here!

it was emotional for all in the camp. Chants of Paul Gray’s name were so loud. Although an emotional return to the stage it was also full of energy. It was Slipknot back to their 1999 days. Yep, I just said circa 1999. The band returned with the 99 masks and red coveralls. As I had said before, it was in many ways a new beginning and an end. The tears flowed but they were tears of joy. It took more than you can imagine for the remaining eight to take the stage after a devastating loss. Donnie kicked fucking ass on bass. He nailed Paul’s work. He was not visible to the fans. There was a little bullshit about that but oh well. Paul’s mask and coveralls were visible. It was that feeling of having him still there onstage and he was. You could feel the energy and the hair standing up all over. He was truly there watching the guys and wishing them on a great show. For the next few shows and as well the Terra Vibe Park show in Malakassa (Athens) im speaking of here was/will be with Iron Maiden. The kings of metal. An honor itself to be in their presence.

Thats it for now. About to board our flight to Istanbul Turkey on our day off. Our show in Sofia Bulgaria was cancelled because Sonisphere altogether was cancelled there. So in place of that the band is doing a show at Columbiahalle in Berlin on 21st instead. I have plans to see my Godmother later tonight. She lives in Istanbul now. She teaches out there! Neato huh? lol. Kinda wish my friends Denis and Eva could come out but I know its probably hard for them to make it out. I got a few pics of the ruins on the way out before we headed to Malakassa. Ill post on here or another post later. I really got to get going and literally DOWN the fuck out of this coffee lol.

See ya….

2 responses to “Slipknot: The First Show Back….

  1. 8)))
    I am so glad that the band showed after all this time, tragedies and rumors about separating, that they have the 99s energy to rock the stage as in younger days.

    I wish I was there! To headbang, jump and sing with other maggots. I hope this is the beginning of new episode in Slipknots successful & uncomparable career. It is very cool of them-Sliknot members to show tribute & respect to their immortal brother Paul ! And the fans did the same thing.

    You are traveling so much, you meet so many people, you get to see all those places, you live very interesting life-you are like a little rockstar in some way 8)) I am very happy that after all thing that happen to you Gill, you dont forget people you are friends with. Happy to have you as a friend, even an online friend. Maybe Eva and me wont make it this time to come around and meet you, but you know that one day we will drink beer together 8))) and eat some steaks ! 8))

    Your previous posts, about new tattoo- I just rated them, did not comment anything, was waiting on this one post about this new Slipknot tour, so thank you very much. And your tattoo is bloody and looking superior!

    Many greetings from Sarajevo & keep rocking bro !

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